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Writer is 'open' about her love for "Open House Baking"


     Supporting all varieties of small businesses in Greenville is very important to me. Every store has its own story, making every detail unique by having its own touch. Open House Baking made its grand opening a little over a month ago and is located off Red Banks Road, open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Tuesday through Saturday. 

     I will admit that I am not the biggest sweet tooth, but I am always willing to try new things. I went to Open House Baking one afternoon after school with a friend. The warm welcome from the owner and the cleanliness of the store immediately brought in a sense of embrace. 


Photo taken by Ginny Blount

     The co-owners of Open House Baking are two sisters who manage all tasks from baking to handling all financial decisions. I find it very special that they manage all of the work together with just the two of them, tackling all decisions while watching their business continue to grow.      

     The bakery has an array of sweets ranging from macaroons to cakes. All fresh baked goods are on display during the day. Cupcakes are kept cold in the fridge and cookies still manage to taste fresh after being displayed in the open air. In the decorative shelves of the store, there are different flavored marshmallows packaged in wrapping to grab and go which I find very convenient. 

     The first thing that came to my mind was ordering a cupcake, the store had plenty of flavors to choose from. What I loved was the seasonal flavors, and with fall right around the corner, I had to try the pumpkin cupcake. While decorations and service are important for a bakery, what brings customers back is the taste, and I would definitely say everything tastes amazing, from the icing to the cake itself. 

     What makes Open House Baking stand out is the iconic “Bronut.” This is a mixture of 2 dessert names, a brownie and a donut. “Bronuts,” topped with chocolate ganache go for $5 a piece or six for $25. I bought a sugar cookie and a cinnamon toast crunch cupcake, which added up to $7. For the quality and quantity of these delicious treats I find the pricing to be very reasonable, especially due to the fact that it is just two sisters managing the business. 

     These two sisters are active on social media, where you can find their Instagram @openhousebaking. Open House Baking does custom orders catered to your needs of customers for birthdays and other events through their website as well. They have a wide range of orders for cakes, cookies and cupcakes per request. 

     I think it is safe to say that I will be back for more baked goods at Open House Baking. I highly recommend going if you are in the mood to buy something sweet, whether it be after school or for larger events like birthdays or even as a simple gift. Open House Baking will be my go-to spot for treats from now on. 

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