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Writer brings out the good in “The School for Good and Evil”


     The fantasy and drama film, “The School for Good and Evil” opens up with a flashback where two brothers Rafal and Rhian, who each symbolize the heroes and villains of the world, fight for good and evil. Because of the two brothers, the school was created for villains and heroes to learn the norms of how they should act if they believe their heart is purely good or evil.
   The movie then goes on to the present day in Gavaldon where best friends Sophie and Agatha are labeled as freaks because they are different from all the other kids. Agatha is called a witch in her community but Sophie is always there to stand up and be there for her.

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     Due to Sophie's love of reading, she finds a book about the School for Good and Evil and becomes completely obsessed with it. She remembers her mom telling her to find her destiny, which Sophie thinks is to be a princess. Sophie then goes behind Agatha’s back by putting a letter in the wishing tree branches, but as time goes on nothing seems to come true. Sophie is later attacked by a mysterious creature, and with hopes of saving her, Agatha is also swept up by the creature. Both of them are taken to the school for good and evil. Sophie is so excited to be on the trip; however, Agatha is not at all pleased with the idea. They argue in the air about wanting to go home, but by the time they are done with the conversation, to their surprise, they are dropped off at different locations of the school. Agatha attends The School for Good and Sophie attends the Schools for Evil.  Sophie finds herself wanting to switch schools as she reflects on her destiny of being a princess in contrast to Agatha wanting to leave the school.

     The professors try to make the best out of what Agatha and Sophie are, however,  the two girls are certain they don't belong there. As they try to find a way out of the school, it is stated by the headmaster that a true love's kiss is their only ticket out. The plot is centered around Sophie's trying to find her true love’s kiss with her thought to be true love, Tedros. I think that the filmmakers did a great job in designing the movie to not be like every other fairytale movie. I love the way the characters have different personalities and meaning in the movie. 

     I overall really enjoyed the movie. As I love and appreciate fantasy and action-packed movies, I think the cast did a great job in each scene by allowing the viewer to feel the emotion portrayed through the characters. There was never a dull moment because of the many plot twists throughout the film. The movie was exciting and nerve-racking, yet sincere and comforting.The filmmakers did a great job with design in order to connect fairy tales to the real world. 

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