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Williams waves goodbye to her tennis career

MON.| 10-17-22 | SPORTS

     On Friday, Sept. 2, 2022, Serena Williams played her final tennis match ever against Ajla Tomlijanović in the U.S Open Tennis Championship. The American 23 Grand Slam title winner, Williams, lost against Australian Ajla, in the third round. Williams set the standard in the tennis world through all of her accomplishments, as well as the positive influence she has on people. Williams’ retirement will have a major impact not only on the tennis world but people all around the world. 

     Williams started playing tennis at the age of five. She was greatly influenced by her father and former tennis coach Richard Williams. He would take her and her older sister Venus to public courts in their area to

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Graphic By Sarah Ingalls 

teach the girls how to play tennis. He has been the biggest supporter and mentor to the girls throughout their tennis careers. Williams having her dad as a coach was beneficial to her because he was consistent and never left her side. 

     Williams started her professional career in 1995 at the age of only 14. She won her first singles title of her career at the U.S. Open in 1999. This was just the beginning of the many wins Williams received throughout her career. 

     Having 23 Grand Slam wins, consisting of seven U.S. open wins and seven Wimbledon Championships, Serena Williams is the greatest women's tennis player of all time. This statement stands strong because of the number of wins she has and her influence on other people. Williams is not only the best because of her tennis skills but because she is confident, strong and a leader to all. She encourages people to never give up and to stand up for what they believe in.  

     Williams uses her platform to encourage women and share her own personal hardships and struggles. She helps mothers who have experienced or are experiencing a difficult pregnancy like hers was. She inspires women to be confident in their bodies and to understand that everyone is different. Williams also makes a point to publicly speak about racial equality. She is the second black woman to win the Grand Slam title. Williams is a role model because she steps out of her comfort zone to help others and to speak about diversity in tennis. She is all around a very influential person and uses her platform to help shape others. 

      Williams is an empathetic person and uses what she has to help others. She supports the United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund (UNICEF) Schools for Africa project, which gives education to less fortunate children. Additionally, Williams advocates for affordable and well-rounded health care for mothers and babies through the #EveryChildAlive organization. 

     Not only has Williams impacted the world's society, but she has also had a major influence on women playing tennis. Her athleticism and power have set many records and have created a standard for other female tennis players to meet. She is dedicated and confident in her sport, allowing her to move on from any small mistake she makes. 

      Williams's retirement was the right decision for her because it allows her more time to focus on other important things in her life. Williams can now expand and focus more on her family. At the age of 40, Williams could not manage to continue to play tennis and have another child. She can also focus on her firm “Serena Ventures” and grow this business. She has become a skilled investor through this business and plans to keep putting her money to good use. It was time for her to move on from tennis and give her full attention to family and business. 

     After everything that Williams has done, her tennis career has come to an end. She will be greatly missed by the whole world beyond her tennis fans. Although Williams is not ready to say goodbye, her job is done and it is time to move on.

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