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Sutton crawls into entrepreneurship

FRI. | 11-05-21 | FEATURES

     While cooped up in quarantine, many people around the world decided to start small businesses to occupy their time. Rose senior Will Sutton was working on his business for every bit of the past two years before releasing Sutton Specialty Contractors, LLC to the public in September.

     “I’ve been working on this business since COVID-19 began, that’s when I decided I wanted to do it,” Sutton said. “I wasn’t able to start it until I was 18, or I would’ve started it last year.”

     Sutton Specialty Contractors, LLC is a crawl space repair and moisture control specialist company that does repairs and moisture control under houses. Sutton’s company prides itself on quality at a good price.

     “We offer free inspections of your crawl space, wood repairs, aprilaire dehumidifiers, sump pumps, insulation services, vapor barriers and a variety of other crawl space related services,” Sutton said.

     Sutton always had somewhat of a passion for labor, but it wasn’t his main focus. Then, baseball began to get boring and bring him less joy. This caused him to start working with his cousin where he did crawl space repairs and termite treatments. This became a real passion and Sutton knew it was what he wanted to do.

     “I started doing work with my cousin and continued that for the next two summers,” Sutton said. “Any breaks we had off from school were spent up north

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Graphic contributed by Sutton Specialty Contractors, LLC

with my cousin because I knew it was what I really wanted to do and working with him gave me labor and management experience.”

     After Sutton spent those two summers with his cousin in Chesapeake, Virginia learning the trade, business techniques and any information he could give him about business, he came back and contacted a lawyer. Sutton told the lawyer he wanted to start a company, an LLC, and he paid the lawyer to start it with him.

     “After I saw the lawyer, I went to a certified public accountant and got my credentials for taxes, I went to a bank and opened up a business bank account and I went to an insurance broker to work out insurance,” Sutton said. “Lastly, I did logo design, advertising and I’m currently doing apparel.”

     Although Sutton’s company is fresh off the press, he has already been contacted for work around Pitt County.

     “I have quite a few weekends lined up for work,” Sutton said. “I have a pretty large job this weekend and more after that.”

     Getting started was not too difficult for Sutton; his biggest struggles are sales and actually managing the company. With school starting back, those struggles have intensified.

     “Between the two, there is a lot more work, a lot longer hours and a lot more caffeine,” Sutton said.

     Since labor has always been a part of Sutton’s vision, not much has been altered with his plans for the future.

     “This has always been a part of my plan; nothing [has] really changed other than the fact that I’m actually doing something that I enjoy so I’m finally able to get towards what I want to do,” Sutton said.

     Through Sutton’s journey of starting a business, he has learned that if you have a good group of people around you that support you and know what is best for you, and you understand that sometimes you don’t know what is best for you, then you can be successful.

     “Understand that you don’t know everything and you really don’t know anything about some things,” Sutton said. “If you want good information you need to go to the smartest people in your area and be very courteous, kind, polite and put together and just close your mouth and open your ears.”

     If you are in need of a crawl space repair and moisture control specialist company, Sutton Specialty Contractors, LLC can be contacted through Instagram and Facebook by the handle sutton specialty contractors, with no spaces, or by phone at (252)-320-2577.

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