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When do we decorate for Christmas?

FRI.| 12-9-22 | OPINION

     The holiday seasons are a busy time as families jump from Halloween, to Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years to end it all. It’s a long three months full of festive fun and holiday cheer. However, throughout the months of October to December, there is an ongoing heated debate: when should you decorate for Christmas? This question has been ever present in the minds of people for years, but has grown more relevant nowadays due to social media.  

     On one hand, die hard Christmas lovers believe that the minute Halloween is over, the holly jolly Christmas season has begun and it’s time to string up the lights and decorate the tree. It is their belief that the Christmas season should commence in the month of November, ready to spread Christmas cheer. Although, proponents of this belief feel as though the Christmas season should not begin until Dec. 1 or after Thanksgiving at the earliest. They 

Too early to decorate

Graphic by Anthien Nguyen

would rather savor the holiday season by enjoying one holiday at a time and not overlooking Thanksgiving.

     Often on the first of November, or sometimes even earlier, many people feel like the Christmas season has begun. Around this time, towns begin to hang up Christmas lights, set out trees and hang up wreaths. Finally, the colors red, green and white are painted across the city. It feels like the festive season has begun 

     Big contributors to this early decorative state are big name stores ready to rack in the cash that will come from this holiday bliss. On the first of November, Halloween is gone without a trace, and stores are stocked with Christmas decorations that are on display for everyone to see. Stores air ads urging people to shop at their establishments for the holiday by showing low prices and great deals. Even Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas”, is blared over the speakers of these locations again and again.

     Traditionally, it is considered that decorations should go up on the first day of Advent, a season that is observed by some Christian denominations. This would mean that decorations would go up on the fourth Sunday before Christmas, therefore, this year decorating would begin on Nov. 27. However, many people do not follow this tradition nor are they expected to. I believe that following this rule of Advent is entirely optional and the choice on when to decorate should be based on personal preference, not based on when a random Sunday falls on the calendar. 

     Many families like to decorate their homes the moment November begins. The joy of seeing lights strung across bushes and trees, with stockings hung above a lit fireplace brings happiness to many people. Being together and decorating a tree, baking and decorating sugar cookies while listening to Christmas carols is more meaningful to some people than sitting around a table and eating food. This feeling is absolutely valid.

     To me, it is an individual's right to choose when they would like to begin celebrating Christmas. I personally prefer to wait until after Thanksgiving, but I would be lying if I didn’t admit that I tend to listen to Christmas music and look at festive lights before Thanksgiving. I love seeing the bright lights from beautifully decorated trees. The smell of peppermint and warm cocoa give me so much joy, and therefore I love to get the holiday season started a little early. Some people think that by celebrating before Thanksgiving it exasperates the holiday, dragging it on longer than it should be. However, if someone feels that 25 days of Christmas joy is too short, then they should celebrate as long as they want.

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