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September 27th, 2019

Ward joins the administrative staff

FRI. | 10-19-23 | NEWS

     Rose has brought in several new staff members this year, including a new Assistant Principal, Sharon Ward.

     Ward transferred from E.B. Aycock Middle School, where she has been an assistant principal for several years. She decided to come to Rose this past May. She taught high school for 10 years.

     “I taught high school chemistry in Newport, New Virginia for 10 years and then I moved back home to obtain my Master service agreement and became a school administrator later,” Ward said.

     Ward plans to face her challenges that come up.

     “Well it’s been challenging, [but] I’m getting used to high school,” Ward said. “My background is high school”.

     Ward believes that her responsibilities and content here at Rose will not be a struggle. She is working hard to become familiar with the school and the people.

     “Right now [I’m] learning the staff names and this is a big school, [I’m] still trying to learn all the classrooms,” Ward said. “As far as the content and the responsibilities, I don't think that will be a challenge at all since I have more than 18 years of administration experience, and 29 years of teaching and administration.”

     Coming from middle school to high school, Ward wanted a change to advance and improve in administration.


Photo by Elliott Flinchbaugh

     "I'm hopefully going to retire in the next four to five years and I didn't want to remain at the middle school,” Ward said.” [I] wanted to get back to my roots dealing with older students.”

Ward used to attend Rose, when Rose was actually the old C.M Epps building. She enjoyed having fun with her friends at football games 

     “ We used to have our football games at flicklin,because we didn't have a field at the time, so I liked that because it made us feel grown up like we were in college because we were playing on ECU campus,” Ward said.

     Ward also plans to bring a fresh, new perspective to Rose to help students and teachers in many ways and to build relationships with staff and students all around Rose.

     “I plan to be available, I know that I was a little late, but just to build positive relationships with  the students, teachers and parents, and that if anyone needs anything they can just come and ask me,” Ward said. 

     Ward intends to improve the school and handle any obstacles that arise. 

     “Any changes that may come about, I plan to implement to the best of my ability,” Ward said.

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