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September 27th, 2019

Scholarship gives students VISION for future

MON. | 01-25-21 | NEWS

SAT. | 10-10-20 | NEWS

     Created in 2004, the VISIONS Career Development and Scholarship Program has served the Rose community by selecting students to receive a $1,000 scholarship to attend Pitt Community College (PCC) each year. Even with the pandemic, this school year has been no exception. VISIONS has already promised five Rose students the scholarship and anticipate more to come.

     “The VISIONS program starts junior year; they have seminars they are required to attend which help with transitioning to college, studying habits and planning their college career path,” Rose career development coordinator Fran Green said. 

     Rose students typically begin the application process their junior year of high school through either a printed or online application, and then proceed to the interview step in the selection process. This past high school graduation year, 82 Pitt County high school students were selected as recipients.

     “Because of the caliber of student that they are looking for, when these students are selected, I have seen, number one, an increase in self esteem,” Green said. “I feel that they strive 

Photos contributed by Katelynn Speas

really hard to keep this scholarship which makes them work harder in classes and make sure there are no discipline issues.” 

    The program also allows for continued career development opportunities into both their senior year in high school as well as their years at PCC. To be eligible for this program, a student must fit the following requirements: 2.0 through 3.2 grade point average, no disciplinary issues, demonstration of financial need and a concentration career path during high school. VISIONS typically enrolls students each year from all the six Pitt County public high schools.

     “Once we find students who meet that specific criteria, our goal is to really enhance the students as they go through the program,” VISIONS high school program coordinator Katelynn Speas said.

     VISIONS even extends to include students in a summer career development program during a student’s summer of junior year in high school to assist in figuring out their major.

     “Summer Institute is probably one of the best things that VISIONS offers when it comes to hands-on experience in possible career fields,” Speas said. “The entire experience is meant to get students on the community college campus and introduce them to not only a major they might be interested in, but one that might compliment their personality.”

     Beginning their junior year in high school, VISIONS recipients are provided with mentors to aid in their college experience as well as assist in building their resume and applying to jobs.

     “I think it gives people hope as a lot of people have dreams and sometimes don’t know how to go about achieving those dreams,” Green said. “I think this opens up a lot of doors that they can see that this is doable - this is achievable for me because someone picked me out and stuck by me to get me through the process.”

      Even more so, VISIONS students are given special attention aimed to build scholarly qualities to prepare the students to enter the workforce.

     “I think the biggest benefit students walk away with every time we talk to them about VISIONS is not only the scholarship money but the advising: the one on one relationship that we build with our students,” Speas said.        sfl“They know that no matter what happens in life, at home, at school, they always have someone in their corner who’s going to be real with them.”

     Due to COVID-19, the Rose application process has been extended to Wednesday, Jan. 27. Green is currently in the midst of selecting a second wave of VISIONS recipients. Last year, the program selected 15 students from Rose and this year VISIONS plans to support a similar number.

     Students and staff are thankful for the opportunities VISIONS has provided in expanding their opportunities entering into the workforce while still attending PCC. VISIONS will continue to serve the Rose community by strengthening their relationship with PCC. If you are a Rose junior who wishes to apply, contact Green at before Wednesday, Jan. 27.

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