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Virginia Blount, Staff Writer


     Virginia Blount is a sophomore at JH Rose and is currently in her first year of journalism! She has been looking forward to taking this class because many friends recommended it. Blount is a features staff writer and is really liking her section! She has not really had much experience when writing these types of articles, but so far she has learned a lot. In her spare time, Blount has many things she likes to do such as playing tennis, going on walks, and hanging out with friends and family! Blount has really enjoyed the journalism experience so far and even though she has not been able to have a normal year due to COVID-19, her peers and Ms. Hutch have made the class feel welcoming and more normal. She is looking forward to being able to accomplish better writing skills and overall more well put together articles. Blount feels that this is a great class to prepare one for the future as it helps develop very essential writing skills!

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