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Vick evaluates the NCAA madness of March 2022

WED. | 03-30-22 | SPORTS

     At the end of every college basketball season, the National College Athletic Association (NCAA) holds a tournament of 64 teams which is often referred to as March Madness or “the big dance.” The selection for the teams is held on a Sunday in early March. Selection Sunday is one of the biggest events in the NCAA.With this selection comes many difficulties and struggles to

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find the correct team to fit each seed. 

     One of the biggest controversies this year is that the Michigan Wolverines made the tournament. The Wolverines finished the season 17-14 and many people like myself believed that they should not have entered the tournament. I believe a team like the Texas A & M Aggies would have been a perfect fit instead of Michigan. The Aggies finished the season very strong in the SEC tournament beating Auburn who is a two seed, and Arkansas who is a four seed.

     Although the committee did a good job seeding many teams there are still some teams that I believe should have been seeded differently. The Duke Blue Devils finished off the season very weak after losing two games, one to the Virginia Tech Hokies, and the other to the North Carolina Tar Heels. I thought that the Devils would enter the tournament as a three seed, but instead they were entered as a two seed over one of the hottest teams in college basketball. The Tenessee Volunteers finished the season very hot after winning their respective conference. My predictions for the NCAA tournament are that the Gonzaga Bulldogs will win the championship over the Kansas Jayhawks. I really like the style of game the Bulldogs play. They went to the championship last year and lost to the Baylor Bears, but I am confident that this is their year. Led by senior forward Drew Timme and freshman forward Chet Holmgrem I think the Bulldogs are easily the best team in the tournament. 

     My sleeper team is the North Carolina Tar Heels, as I believe that they are very underseeded as an eight seed. The Heels ended the season with a strong finish after winning against teams like the Blue Devils and the Virginia Cavaliers. The Heels just came off of a strong second round win against the defending champions. Another one of my sleeper teams is the Saint Peter's Peacocks. They have tons of experienced players and are filled with seniors in their lineup. The Peacocks are very successful shooting beyond the arc  and play suffocating defense. That being said, they ended up beating two seeded Kentucky and then a seven seeded Murray State.

     Regardless of who you pull for or how your bracket turns out, the madness of March never fails to keep me and millions of others entertained.

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