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Travis Scott faces backlash after Astroworld


     Astroworld, an annual music festival hosted by rapper Travis Scott, has been gaining worldwide attention since Nov. 5, 2021. The festival features a wide variety of well-known rappers, such as SZA, Lil Baby, Roddy Ricch, Drake and more. Scott himself makes an appearance and is the main reason why people are upset. 

     Due to what some are calling a “crowd-crushing disaster,” ten lives were lost at the Houston, TX event; the youngest being a nine-year-old boy. According to AP Business and ABC 13 writer Stan Choe, crowd-crushing is an event when such a large group gets so close together that one may suffocate; no real violence needs to occur. Essentially, the person literally has the life squeezed out of them. 

     I think the first reason why 


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people are talking about this is because of the amount of people at the show. Including the people who jumped the fence, there were over 50,000 fans in attendance. 50,000 people were literally front-to-back, and as someone who gets really anxious in crowds, the photos were horrifying to see. 

     As seen in videos that have been surfacing on TikTok and Twitter, many fans were trying to get Scott’s attention to stop the show because people were collapsing from seizures, heart attacks and cardiac arrest; some have said that it was like there were “CPR circles” everywhere. There were also videos of people dancing on top of medic carts that were trying to help. What I have to say to that is...why would you do that? If there is someone struggling to find air, and the only way to get out is to ride a medic cart, why would you prevent that cart from moving?

     Some fans who encouraged this behavior are now suffering from several lawsuits, but some are asking if it’s possible for Scott to be charged. 

     This actually isn’t the first time the rapper has been brought up on “charges stemming from onstage conduct.” Los Angeles Times writer August Brown breaks down some of these incidents with the first being in 2015 when Scott commanded fans to charge the stage. He was also sued, in 2017, for negligence because of a fan falling off a balcony and becoming paralyzed. In fact, at Astroworld 2019, three fans were hospitalized due to the barricades being rushed.

      Based on his past, it’s pretty safe to say that Scott either gets way too caught up in the moment or just straight up doesn’t care about his fans. I’m going with option two because it was so evident what was going on, and even on stage, it wouldn’t be hard to miss all the blinking red and blue lights; they weren’t even hard to miss in his girlfriend Kylie Jenner’s Instagram videos. 

      The video shows the camera panning around the entire set, and just barely covering a quarter of the screen, a medic cart can be seen. Fans have pointed this out and made the argument that if the cart was in the video then it wasn’t hard to see from her view. However, I think that even if she wanted to do something, she couldn’t. She was just another person in the crowd, and she would’ve had no real way to communicate with Scott or the venue until after the event.

     The couple had both issued separate apologies with Scott stating that the Houston Police Department has his full support in investigating the injuries and deaths, and this was later followed up with a Twitter video saying that his fans mean the world to him. 

     I am still calling it “bogus”. Scott had every ability to stop the show, especially since half the crowd was yelling at him to do so, and based on his past actions, it isn’t abnormal for him to not do anything. I would think you would learn from past mistakes, but not in his case. 

     I believe Scott had every opportunity to stop the show, and if not him, then the venue. Scott should definitely face criminal charges, especially since this isn’t his first endeavor, and though I don’t think he’ll learn from his mistakes, at least justice would be served. 

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