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September 27th, 2019

Three new clubs weave into their place at Rose

SUN. | 02-27-22 | NEWS

     This new school year brought many new clubs to Rose, such as Women’s Empowerment Club, Crochet Club and Asian Culture Society. These new clubs have many different purposes, roles and goals to add diversity into Rose. 

    The Women’s Empowerment Club started in the fall of 2021. They meet every other Monday during Refresh B and C block in advisor Julie Berry’s room. As of now, they have about 30 members. 

     This club, despite the name, is not only for girls. Right now, less than five of the 30 members are guys, but they are looking for more guy members. 

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     Berry has been very supportive of this new club and has helped by giving them the space and supporting their ideas. 

    “We have come to her with big outlandish ideas and she has given us a way to make them achievable,” said Vice President Lily Walker. 

    The Women’s Empowerment Club plans on working with the Women’s Shelter and donating various items they may need, like clothes or hygiene products. This club also has plans to start a newsletter that will be sent around and outside of Rose to have a bigger impact on the Greenville community. These newsletters will feature either a girl at Rose who has accomplished a goal or highlight a historical woman. 

     “The goal of the Women’s Empowerment Club is … to have a safe space for women and a safe place for each other,” said Walker. 

     The Crochet Club is another new club that meets in advisor Kristine Boccia’s room during A and B block during Refresh on Monday’s and only A on Tuesday’s. This club's goal is to expand the art community in Rose. During their crochet meetings, the members have complete control over what they create. Members can either get help with their crochet projects or work independently. This club is open to everyone and welcomes beginners. 

     “[We] bring crochet projects and work on them during that time,” said Crochet Club member Andrea Castillo. 

     New Culture is being brought to Rose through The Asian Culture Society and its members. The Asian Culture Society meets in Brian Callahan’s room on Mondays during Refresh A and C. Currently, there are 15 members involved in Asian Culture Society, but they are welcoming more. 

     “One of the great things that I actually really like about Asian Culture Society is that even beyond promoting Asian culture, we also created a safe space,” said President Brighton Hou. 

     Asian Culture Society is not a totally new club at Rose. Pre-COVID, it had already existed but once the pandemic hit and the previous president graduated, the membership and activities decreased. Now Hou has taken on the role of President. 

    This club hosted several diversity-focused events at Rose, such as the Lunar New Year Celebration, and they plan on hosting a Diversity Day with the National Art Honor Society. They even host some small parties such as a ramen party and a solstice party. 

     All of these clubs at Rose are currently welcoming any new members and encourage them to reach out to any of their advisors.

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