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September 27th, 2019

Jacobson hands reins to Thomas

SUN. | 06-13-21 | NEWS

SAT. | 10-10-20 | NEWS

     Darryl Thomas, current principal at E.B Aycock Middle School (EBA), will be taking the principal position at Rose beginning in the 2021-2022 school year when current Rose principal Monica Jacobson transitions to her new position as the Pitt County Schools Director of Secondary Education.

     Thomas brings fifteen years of experience in education to this position and he feels that he is well prepared for this position at Rose because of past experiences. 

     “I was a CTE Teacher at GR Whitfield and then EB Aycock for combine almost seven years, Assistant Principal at Washington High School, then South Central High School, then JH Rose High School combine five and a half years and Principal at EB Aycock Middle School for 5 years,” Thomas said.

     Many of Thomas’s former students filter from EBA to Rose so he feels that he already has a connection with them. He also enjoys the Rose community and has confidence in his ability to lead through strengthening those existing connections.

     “I worked under [Ms. Jacobson] for two years, so I was able to work with her when I was there at J.H. Rose and we’re going to get together and continue some of the things she has with the leadership and staff at the school,” Thomas said.

     Jacobson's previous relationship with Thomas has played a 


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significant role in easing his future transition to his new position. The Rose community can be helpful to Thomas by just continuing to work as usual.

     “I like the Refresh period and some of the [administration] pieces that they have put in place, some of the core programs, the arts programs, ROTC and we have other core classes that have been here for a while and have really done a great job at this school,” Thomas said.

     Thomas is excited to begin his principal career at Rose and continue to make a positive impact on both staff and students.

     “I look forward to the opportunity to work at J.H. Rose [and] ... to get to know the staff and students as well," Thomas said. "That's a big piece for me as an administrator.”

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