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“The Watcher” is hauntingly good


     When looking for a thriller that keeps you on edge and does not let you press pause between any of the seven episodes, this series is for you. The psychological and suspenseful mystery “The Watcher” never has a dull moment as it follows along the Brannock family’s life living in a considerably haunted house with a stalker constantly lurking.

     The show starts off with the family visiting 657 Boulevard, their potential new home and absolutely falling in love with it. They end up biting the bullet and dropping 3.3 million dollars to purchase the house. After splurging on a drastic purchase, the Brannocks are fully confident their family will remain financially unphased only to be proven wrong. I think the Brannocks made an irresponsible purchase that, for sure, does not work out in their 

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     The show only takes chilling twists and turns from there. The family initially receives letters from someone known as “The Watcher”. These letters disclose personal information about the family that one may only gather from living in the house. As the letters keep coming, Dean Brannock is determined to uncover this mystery of who is watching his family. 

     He meets with previous owners of the house who have moved out for the same reason, they were being watched. The house has caused previous owners to kill their loved ones, and even themselves. The house makes it known that it is longing for young blood, instilling fear in the parents regarding the safety of their children’s lives. 

     These encounters with previous owners do nothing but add confusion to the Brannock’s situation. The accounts that the family is told accuse different people as the watcher and this just adds to the Brannock’s list of suspects. It adds confusion to the mystery, but also serves as a great sense of suspense. 

     Throughout the seven episodes, the suspicious qualities of neighbors, friends and other acquaintances lead to several investigations. However, each results in a dead end when the mysterious identity of the watcher continues to remain unknown. As I kept watching, I realized that once someone was investigated, they were somehow proved innocent. This left me with very little characters to suspect as the watcher which was both frustrating and settling. 

     This mystery ends up coming in between Nora and Dean’s marriage as something happens each night at the house. One night when Nora is away, a girl described as one of the previous homeowners is found on the security camera in bed with Dean. Dean has no recollection of this and ends up convincing Nora that this was the watcher’s doing. After this occurrence, the family is still not willing to give up the house which seems ridiculous as human activity is caught on camera inside their home. 

     After unsuccessful attempts to uncover the mystery, the Brannocks list 657 Boulevard and move back to New York. They have a hard time selling the house as their real estate agent is no longer cooperating with them and they are not receiving any offers.

     The show ends with private investigator Birch in a hospital bed living her last moments as her cancer has beaten her. She tells Dean that she has been the watcher all along to calm his nerves as this mystery has driven him mad and she wants him to be at peace. However, Dean and Nora discover that Birch was not the watcher and the true mystery remains unsolved. 

     I thoroughly enjoyed this series as I am a sucker for a good mystery and love a little fright. Viewers may never find out exactly who it is, but I will continue to let my mind run wild about who the watcher might be. I believe that everyone who finishes this series will have different opinions on who “The Watcher” is and will be left with a wonder that may nag them for days, weeks or even months. 

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