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The American Music Awards amazes audiences


     On Nov. 20, starting at 8:00 p.m., the American Music Awards (AMA’s) were broadcasted live from the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles. The show featured awards presentations for many popular music artists, and also included performances from artists such as Pink, Dove Cameron, Lil Baby, Bebe Rexha, Carrie Underwood, Imagine Dragons and more. There were stunning visuals, shocking awards and timeless classics all wrapped into this one show.

     The night started with a bang as Pink, the first performer, came out on roller skates, riding around the stage while performing her new song “Never Gonna Not Dance Again.” This brought a wild visual performance that caught viewers’ attention and hooked them into the rest of the show. After this wild kickstart, there was another visually impressive performance when Carrie Underwood flew out on stage, suspended in the air by cables and sang while hanging sideways and upside down. Clearly the artists selected for this year’s show went all out with their performances in order to entertain viewers from all across the country.


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     Another aspect of the AMA’s that brought beautiful visuals were the outfits and styles featured on the red carpet. There was an abundance of unique dresses and suits that allowed artists to express themselves and I love how it could potentially bring inspiration to the audience for their own future outfits. The red carpet is always fun to watch and it is interesting to see the directions that artists will go with their wild outfits and expressive looks in the future.

     I can’t talk about the AMA’s without  talking about the awards ceremony itself. There were awards across many genres and categories, such as pop, country, rap and even Latin. One thing I will say when looking at the award winners, is that they were not nearly as diverse as I would have hoped. For example, Taylor Swift’s album “Red (Taylor’s Version)” won both best pop/rock album and best country album, and she was also the most awarded artist of this year’s awards. Granted, this is a good album and was one of the most popular of this year, but I do not think the same album should win in both the pop and the country categories. Swift used to put out country music years ago, but does not release the same style anymore so it makes no sense for her to be in the country category. Another change that I wish the awards would make is to dive into some of the less popular artists and perhaps other categories. Looking at the award results, the only artists featured are very mainstream pop and rap artists who do not bring forward any new songs that viewers would not previously know.

     The American Music Awards of 2022 was another good showing of a staple awards show in modern American culture. While they did not really bring anything new to the table, they did provide some stunning performances and controversial awards. The AMA’s will continue to provide entertainment and pleasure to viewers across the country.

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