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September 27th, 2019

Thanksgiving easily overshadowed

THURS. | 11-26-20 | OPINION

     Thanksgiving Day is an annual national holiday in the United States and Canada celebrating the harvest and other blessings of the past year. Thanksgiving is wedged between Halloween and Christmas. Have you ever noticed how right after Halloween, everyone starts listening to Christmas music, putting up their decorations and buying their trees? Why is it that Thanksgiving always seems to get overshadowed by Halloween and Christmas? 

     Personally, Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays because it is all about being thankful. During Thanksgiving we can celebrate and express gratitude with family, which I think is not done enough. It is a time where we can get together with family that we don't see often, fill our bellies with food we enjoy and catch up while time slows down. 

     Thanksgiving is so special because it is a chance to reunite with family, from newborn babies to grandparents rolling around in a


Graphic by Forbes Hall

wheelchair. That's what separates Thanksgiving from all of the other holidays — it is celebrated by all ages. Halloween mostly focuses on kids, who always look forward to getting their favorite candy on Halloween night and comparing who has the most. I think that's part of the reason why Halloween blocks out Thanksgiving. Aside from Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas are divided through religion. Thanksgiving is celebrated by all religions whereas Christmas is celebrated by a majority of Christians. Thanksgiving is for everyone no matter their religion. Kids have something bigger to look forward to for Christmas and Halloween because they might not yet understand the true meaning of Thanksgiving. The majority of them might just see it as a big meal with family. 

     When I was about seven, my parents sat me down and we talked about why Thanksgiving was such a special holiday. They felt that I was finally old enough to understand the importance of it. After having that talk, it quickly became one of my favorite holidays.

     Aside from the family aspect of Thanksgiving, it's hard not to like the holiday with all of the delicious food on the table. My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is everyone bringing one or two of their favorite Thanksgiving dishes, and trust me, it starts to add up. There's no feeling like walking into a room filled with some of my favorite foods, so you can only imagine how much I look forward to Thanksgiving.

     In my opinion I think a lot of people tend to underestimate Thanksgiving, skipping right past the positivity surrounding the holiday. You never know how far saying something as simple as “I am thankful for you” can go. We don't say “thank you” enough and even hearing it one day a year makes me feel so special. Thanksgiving reminds us how blessed we are and how much we have to be thankful for. From spending time with family and friends to the delicious feasts, there is so much to love about this holiday. So hold off for a couple more weeks on the talk about Christmas. Sit back and enjoy everything that you have to be thankful for. 

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