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September 27th, 2019

Teachers plan several trips for 2024

MON. | 12-12-22 | NEWS

     This year, multiple Rose teachers are planning trips abroad over the upcoming summers for students. English teacher Ashley Hutchinson is currently planning a trip to Iceland and Spanish Teacher Cynthia Williams is planning a trip to Peru. Both will be during the summer of 2024. 

     The Peru trip will take place two weeks into the summer break of 2024 and will be held over nine days. Williams has worked with Education First (EF) Educational Tours and other Rose teachers that have traveled abroad before to plan the trip.

     “EF Tours has made it so simple,” Williams said. “I also have the wonderful Luisa Haynes to go with any questions I have; she has been really so helpful.”

     Although Williams has traveled abroad several times, this is the first year that she is planning and hosting a trip. 

     “I am confident that we will have a safe and wonderful time; we will have a multilingual tour guide with us 24/seven and EF Tours has 24/7 support as well,” Williams said. “We will be very well taken care of.”


Photo by Mary Elizabeth Hutchinson

     Williams and EF Tours have planned several attractions into the agenda that they will visit, some being the capital city, Lima, Sacred Valley’s Incan temple and Machu Picchu.

     Williams chose Peru because she wanted to bring diversity to the trips that were being offered, with this trip being the only one visiting South America. 

     “It has been a bucket list country to visit, even long before I was a Spanish teacher,” Williams said.

     To all interested students, Williams encourages signing up early before the spots fill up. She also emphasizes the fact that payment plans are available and students have two years to save money for the trip.

     The Iceland trip will take place during the middle to end of June 2024, and will be an eight day trip. Like Williams, Hutchinson has worked with EF Tours to plan the itinerary for the Iceland visit. 

     “I’ve had a few meetings with an EF tour consultant, the company that does most of the organizing, so they have itineraries that they have on their website that you can look at and see which one appeals to you and your students,” Hutchinson said. 

     The Iceland trip includes excursions in place such as whale watching and visiting the blue lagoon.

     “Each day has programming, and it looks like it’s a really big balance of activities,” Hutchinson said.

     Although Hutchinson has been on nine trips, she has never travelled to Iceland and is very excited about going.

     “I chose Iceland because I’ve never been there before; I’ve had some friends go and they loved it and I understand that with the Europe trips that one has the most kind of adventure to it,” Hutchinson said. “I’m ready to go on an adventure trip and go exploring.” 

     All students and their parents are welcome to attend the Iceland trip. Any interested students should stop by Hutchinson’s room (320) for more information.

     “I’m super excited to go to Iceland, I think it’s a bucket list trip for a lot of people, and it’s just going to be an epic adventure,” Hutchinson said. 

      Additionally, all students and their parents are welcome to attend the Peru trip. Interested students should stop by Williams’ room for more information. 

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