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Taylor trades in Rampants for the Bulldogs

TUES.| 2-21-23 | SPORTS

Staff Writer DREW FIELDS

     Rose junior Lauryn Taylor has verbally committed to Mississippi State University (MSU) to continue her soccer career after an unofficial visit last October.

     Since the age of four, Taylor has always loved the game of soccer and knew that one day she would play at the division one (D1) level. Taylor was given offers from multiple D1 schools, including Davidson College, University of North Carolina Wilmington, Miami University, Ohio University, East Carolina University and MSU. 

     "I took an unofficial visit to Mississippi last October and fell in love with the campus," Taylor said. "We toured all the facilities and met their staff and coaches."Taylor attributes her commitment to her family, coaches and the Wilmington Hammerheads, her club team.

     Taylor started playing with the Hammerheads in eighth grade. She has become a better player and has had opportunities to play in front of college coaches due to playing with the Hammerheads.

Lauryn taylor.jpg

Photo by Elliot Flinchbaugh

     "The game is a faster pace than other clubs; there are also showcases where college coaches can come to watch you play," Taylor said.

     The Hammerheads club team is in the Elite Club National League (ECNL), which means that Taylor is playing at one of the highest levels of youth soccer in the country. Playing with this high-quality club means she has to be dedicated to the team, causing her to have a special school schedule.

     "I have to have my fourth period online because I have to leave at 3:00 every Tuesday through Thursday for practice," Taylor said.

     Taylor is the first women's soccer player to commit to a Southeastern Conference school in Rose history. Last year, Taylor broke Rose's all-time scoring record with 40 goals in the season, putting her career total at 66 goals.

     “She has high expectations for herself and high expectations for everybody else so she is going to work hard regardless and when everybody else sees the work ethic and tries to work up to her level you have 11 players all working to the same high expectation,” women's soccer coach Kurt Garner said. “That's how we are successful.” 

     Not only did she impact each game played, but Taylor also impacted all her teammates, pushing them to be their best and helping them on and off the field. 

     "She is a really good team leader and is very involved with everyone on the team," Rose sophomore Anna Johnson said. "She scores a lot of goals, she makes great passes, she contains the ball, and just an amazing soccer IQ."

     After an incredible two years of soccer with Rose and the Hammerheads, her commitment is well-deserved and very exciting for her, her teammates, coaches and family. 

     “I can't take much credit for anything other than to provide her an opportunity to shine and really show off her skills that have gotten her to a D1 position, "Garner said. “I’m most proud that our program has been able to provide that platform for her.”

     Taylor is excited about what her future holds for soccer both at Rose and MSU as she continues her last two years of high school daily life as a high school student.

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