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Taylor Swift concert in theaters

WED.| 11-15-23 | OPINION

     Taylor Swift’s release of “The Eras Tour” documentary on October 23, 2023, leaves many Swifties eager to rush to theaters for the two-hour 50-minute concert film. 

     After seeing Swift live in LA’s SoFi stadium where the film was recorded, I was unsure if the film would give viewers a concert experience similar to that of her live performance. I was pleasantly surprised by the connection that Swift manages to have with her audience, even if through a TV screen.

     Director Sam Wrench’s cameras set up throughout the stadium offer viewers an experience of the concert that most viewers cannot even get through live performances. Her up-close facial expressions, outfit designs and altering microphone colors are all aspects of the concert that I didn’t even think to pay attention to when watching her live.

     Although on a screen, Swift’s crowd engagement does not falter, as fans around the world come to theaters ready to sing their hearts out. Swift’s charming, fun personality is demonstrated throughout the entire film, leaving each viewer feeling like her best friend.

     While the film does offer a very accurate portrayal of the in-person concert experience, I am not sure that the high ticket prices are completely justified. Adult tickets cost just over 20 dollars, which is five dollars more than a ticket to any other movie currently showing in theaters. 

     I do not recommend going to the movie if not a die-hard Swiftie. The nearly three-hour show can be a lot for the average person to take on, but for the millions of Swift fans who were unable to get tickets to her live show due to ticket master malfunctions, this is definitely the closest to an in-person concert experience that is widely available. 

     With the movie’s domestic debut of 95-97 million dollars and 130 million, globally, Taylor Swift’s “The Eras Tour” is on track to be the highest grossing concert film of all time. The film cost nearly 15 million dollars to make and is currently being shown in 3,855 theaters across the United States and Canada and is expected to reach just over 7500 theaters worldwide. After the first day release of the movie, AMC reached their record high single-day movie sales of 26 million dollars.

     The film etiquette is unlike any other movie I have ever seen. Singing and dancing are completely acceptable, both of which would be frowned upon in the showing of almost any other movie. Personally, I find it slightly awkward to sing my heart out in a movie theater but I love that people of all ages are taking part in this concert-film experience. 

     If you were unable to snatch a concert ticket to Swift’s Eras tour, I suggest taking a trip to the theater and giving Taylor Swift’s “The Eras Tour” movie a shot.

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