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Taylor kick-starts Rose women’s soccer season

SAT. | 05-07-22 | SPORTS

     Many soccer players play for their local club team in an attempt to improve their skills and expose themselves to a higher level of play. However, one Rose soccer star took this one step further.

     Sophomore Lauryn Taylor has played soccer since she was four years old. For the past two years, she's been playing for both her school team and Elite Clubs National League (ECNL) team, the 2005 Wilmington Hammerheads. In just seven games for Rose, she has scored 23 goals, which puts her on track to break records. Taylor has been led through her high school soccer career by Rose teacher and coach Kurt Garner.

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     “[Taylor] is very versatile,” Garner said. “I can put her pretty much anywhere on the field and she’d be a really decent player. She thrives as a striker or as one of our center midfielders.”

     In her 19 games played for Rose across two seasons, she has scored 49 goals and averages 2.6 goals per game. However, her soccer journey has not been completely smooth sailing.

     Taylor had to put aside another sport that meant a lot to her when she decided to join a high-level club.

     “When I had to make a choice between playing basketball and soccer for Rose and not playing for Wilmington, I had to give up basketball,” Taylor said. “It was really hard, but I’ve always loved soccer.”

     After deciding to leave behind basketball, Taylor began her career for the Hammerheads. When the ECNL season began, so did a new, rigorous schedule.

     “For practices, I come to school for three full periods, and most of fourth, and then I leave around three,” Taylor said. “Then I go to Wilmington and practice for about an hour and 15 minutes, then get home around 10:30.”

     Even though she had to give up a sport and tackle a tough schedule, that hasn’t stopped her passion, determination and dedication to the sport. 

     “[I enjoy] the commitment and competitiveness everyone has,” Taylor said. “I consider the team my family.”

     In her last season for the Hammerheads, Taylor scored seven goals and assisted nine.

     Taylor has been able to take the gained experience with her club team and make the best of it while playing for Rose. As of March 31, the team is 5-2, with wins ranging from 3-9 goal leads.

     Taylor hopes to bring her skills to the next level and play D1 soccer for her dream school, Brigham Young University.

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