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Taft serves up success and sets a collegiate future

SAT. | 05-07-22 | SPORTS

     Amelia Taft, a standout beach volleyball player, committed as a junior to play beach volleyball at the University of South Carolina. 

     Taft recently went down to Columbia, South Carolina to watch the beach volleyball team play a scrimmage game. 

     “I was just really excited to see what everything was about,” Taft said. “It just made me more excited about getting there, and just getting to see all the girls playing together was really good for me.” 

     Taft’s expectations for the team was a strong level of competition and to have good chemistry playing together.

     “I was expecting them to be able to compete at a high level, “Taft said. “With that being said, I had never been to watch the team play before this, so I did not really know what to expect.” 

     Watching the beach volleyball team play was fun, but at the same time, Taft found it slightly nerve-racking.

     “I know that I am going to have to work hard to be able to get into the lineup after watching the team play,” Taft said. “I am also kind of nervous about being able to fit in well with the girls.” 

     When Taft made the journey down to Columbia, South Carolina and watched the team play, one of her

Amelia Taft Volleyball.png

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many feelings was motivation. Taft felt motivated to get better, so eventually she will be the one people are watching.

     “It kind of gave me a goal, sort of a set expectation of how I am supposed to play when I get there,” Taft said. “It makes me strive to do good in all my practices and tournaments.” 

     After watching the beach volleyball team play, Taft expects to improve her game and be able to contribute to the beach team in the near future.

     “My hopes are that I can contribute to the team and the lineup at some point,” Taft said. “I do, however, expect to improve my game and reach that next level.” 

     Taft said she had an amazing experience watching the beach volleyball team play their scrimmage.

     “My experience watching the team play was very eye-opening for me, because I had never been to a beach volleyball scrimmage before, so it kind of gave me a bar I need to reach,” Taft said.

     The scrimmage, however, was not like a regular beach volleyball match.

     “The scrimmage was great; there was music blasting the whole time,” Taft said. “It was just really laid back and not as serious as a normal beach volleyball match.” 

     Taft has a lot to offer in her skill, but she feels that is not her best asset.

     “I think my ability to push my teammates is the biggest asset I will bring to the South Carolina team,” Taft said. “I am very determined to get better, and while doing that make everyone else around me better.” 

     Taft still has one more year at Rose, and she plans to give it her all. However, going to watch the South Carolina beach volleyball team not only got her excited, but also gave her a little bit of insight for what is to come.

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