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Super Bowl LVI performance is a super throwback


     On Sunday, Feb. 13th, Super Bowl LVI took place in Los Angeles, California, featuring possibly the most entertaining halftime show from the past decade. This Super Bowl had a star-studded cast including artists Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Mary J. Blige, Dr. Dre and surprise guest rapper 50 Cent.

     The halftime show went off to an exciting start with Dre and Dogg’s song titled the “The Next Episode” being performed on top of a model 


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building in the stage set. This song then transitioned smoothly into another hit by the two called “California Love.” This combination of songs was personally a highlight of the show as it was performed very well and played a pivotal role in the show. 

     As “California Love” ended, the camera shifted below the rooftop where Dogg and Dre were performing. In the building below them, 50 Cent delivered a solid performance of his classic song “In Da Club” while upside down.

     After 50 Cent’s performance ended, Mary J. Blige began her performance with “No More Drama”, again being performed on the rooftop of a model building in the set. The choreography and stage work for this song was definitely one of the best I’ve seen.

     The next section of the halftime show was a combination of Kendrick Lamar’s songs “m.A.A.d city” and “Alright.” This part of the show was performed on the street below the buildings on the stage, with the background dancers' choreography resembling the actions performed in several of Lamar’s music videos. Lamar was definitely my favorite artist on the set list, but I do wish he was able to perform longer as his section was the shortest out of the five artists.

     As the show eased into its last artist, Eminem, the song “Forgot about Dre” was performed by Lamar, Dre and Eminem. This song transitioned into Eminem’s Academy Award-winning song “Lose Yourself” which was performed with Dre. I thought this song choice was very good as it fit the tone of an exciting sporting event.

     The show was resolved with a finale song of “Still Dre”, which was performed by all of the artists on the rooftops of the city-street stage design. This song was a very fitting end to the show as it is one of Dre’s most iconic songs.

     This performance was definitely one of the most exciting Super Bowl halftime shows I have experienced in a very long time. The stage design mimicking a city street fit the artists performances very well, and the order of events from song to song was done perfectly. All of the artists as a whole did a great job in the show, but the artist that stood out the most was Snoop Dogg. His live performance sounded just as good as a studio recording, and he did a great job of altering the lyrics to fit the situation of the Super Bowl. I also think the Super Bowl managers took a huge risk by having artists of a past generation perform instead of the typical young relevant artists they use every year. However, this risk definitely paid off as people of all ages were able to come together in excitement this year to see all of these classic artists perform.

     I thoroughly enjoyed this halftime show and I’m excited to see how the Super Bowl planning committee is going to try and top this performance in the future.

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