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September 27th, 2019

Summer camps consider well-being

WED. | 03-10-21 | OPINION

     Almost everything this year looks different because of COVID-19, and one of those things starting to become a worry in peoples’ minds is summer camps. Last summer, camps were pretty scarce since it was still near the beginning of the pandemic and most of us were still clueless as to what was going on. According to CNBC, at least 62% of summer camps were shut down last year. This year however, we are more adjusted to COVID-19 and know more about what to do and what not to do in regards to our safety. This opens up the possibility of summer camps. Summer camps should happen this summer, as long as the COVID-19 guidelines are followed, because kids should get to have that experience.

Summer camp is usually a time of bonding for kids in a brand new environment with everyone sleeping in a big cabin, eating together and doing activities. According to, child friendships are absolutely integral for a child’s growth. All of this used to be completely normal, but now it seems so foreign. Just the idea of a large group of people staying in one room without masks or protection makes us shudder. Times have changed so much and now all of these usual summer camp traditions are no longer on the table.

     COVID-19 has made summer camps totally different. There have to be a lot less kids, there must be masks worn at almost all times, some camps don’t allow kids to stay the night at all. It will be tough to adjust to these new rules and requirements but, with summer fast approaching, we must learn to live with the new version of summer camp.


Graphic by Jake Bradsher

     2021 summer camps could change how camps work forever. COVID-19 has opened our eyes to how disgusting certain aspects of what used to be considered “normal” are. Thousands of people crowded together at concerts, kids eating off the floors and sleeping cramped together in a tiny cabin-it is all a little gross when we think about it through the new lens that COVID-19 has provided us. We will have to wait and see what changes stay and what goes back to how it was once the virus is taken care of.

It is good that summer camps are at least happening at all this year. Camps are a great thing for kids to go to, they give them an experience of staying somewhere without their parents. They give them an opportunity to make new friends all on their own and let them have a fun time playing games and doing activities. Kids should get to go through many different environments to prepare them for when they are grown up and to introduce them to new things that they may grow to love.

     Summer camps are part of so many peoples’ memories today and can bring kids together. Many parents want their kids to get the experience of summer camps and were disappointed that they did not really happen last summer. The best thing we can do this summer is to try our best to give kids the summer camp experience they deserve, while still staying safe and following the COVID-19 guidelines.

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