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Summer heat reaches new heights

FRI.| 10-20-23 | OPINION

     The United States, along with other countries, has encountered a serious heat crisis that has no signs of stopping soon. 2023 has accounted for record-breaking temperatures during this year's hot summer months, in which heat has become the leading cause of natural disaster deaths. “The Guardian” news stated that this past July was the hottest month ever recorded on the planet between June 1 and Aug. 31.

     It saddens me to know that recent advancing temperatures hinder daily activities for everyone in the United States. Not only have activities such as taking a walk or playing a sport altered due to these temperatures, but this heat crisis has become a major part of advancing climate change, which is the scariest aspect of this all.

     I personally have noticed the great effects that this heat crisis has had on myself and those around me these past three months. Having a summer job lifeguarding in the heat 

Heat Crisis Graphic.png

Infographic by David Given

is no joke considering this summer's record-breaking temperatures. I was constantly reminded by my boss and work colleagues that we needed to remain in the shade and drink water. Those playing summer sports were also closely monitored and heavily encouraged to take water breaks.  

     I will say that I am very appreciative of the fact that communities are aware this is a major heat crisis that can have harmful effects on the future of climate change, and that certain safety measures need to stay in place. Rose has done a sufficient job of being cautious of the heat fall sports endure every year. The North Carolina High School Athletic Association encourages its referees to take water breaks if temperatures break 90 degrees, which is a common temperature this time of year. It is also important that all sports keep athletes hydrated by making sure coolers are continuously stocked up for games and practices. Being an athlete in times of these staggering temperatures is something to always watch out for when it comes to safety and health.

     Not only is it important to stay cool and hydrated for athletes during times like these, but it is just as important for students who do not play sports. Drinking water and knowing your limits for outside time during the day are key factors in assessing this horrendous heat.

     As of right now, the most we can do is hope for cool fall weather and serious change in regard to the rising climate that has taken over United States temperatures this year.

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