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Students support their parents in election

TUES. | 11-29-22 | FEATURES

     When citizens go into the voting center and mark their ballot, voters only see names of people who have dedicated a lot of their time to get citizens to vote. On this ballot, voters never see the families in which this election impacts. Their entire family is in the spotlight, citizens watching every move they make, and any wrong move can affect a candidates’ chance in the election. Junior Martha Blount and Freshman Ava Hodgson have experienced this attention in the weeks coming up to the election. 

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     Martha's father, Marvin K. Blount, is running for the second seat for North Carolina Superior Court Judge in District 3A (Pitt County). This position manages and hears civil and criminal cases around the state and is chosen by the county citizens every eight years. Judge Blount has been in this seat ever since Martha Blount can remember. In the past, she has put out signs to help with her dad's campaign.

     “It can be very stressful because you don't know what will happen, but this year it is not as stressful because he is running unopposed,” Blount said. 

     Marvin Blount is very well-known around the community for being the Superior Court Judge, and parents and other adults have their eyes on his daughter.

     “I feel that adults expect a lot from me because of my dad,” Blount said.

     Ava Hodgson’s mother, Jennifer Hodgson, is running for the Pitt County Board of Education in District five, which impacts schools in Pitt County. Hodgson is running against two opponents for the position. This is Hodgson's first year running for the Board of Education and her daughter believes she is great for the position and best for the job.

     “She wants to make a change in the school system and wants to help kids out,” Hodgeson said.

     With Jennifer running against two opponents, her daughter has been asked many questions as the election heats up.

     “I have people asking about it every day, but I think it is cool because she will get to help out,” Ava said.

     Both Blount and Hodson have been willing to help their parents campaign for the election. Hodgson even went to the Canine Crawl Event and helped with face painting to help the campaign. 

     “It is a lot of work,” Ava said.

     As their parents have been focused on the elections, they have not been able to be at home as much as they usually are. 

      “He is never home, … he works in Chapel Hill three times a month and goes to lots of different courthouses around the state,” Martha said. 

      It can be hard for the families running for offices when their parents are not home as much. At times it can be especially hard for Blount being a judge having to hear many criminal and civil cases.

    “He deals with a lot of serious stuff that could be uncomfortable for him and my family,” Blount said.

      It can be difficult to be a child with a parent running for an elected position because of their families being in the public eye often, but Blount and Hodgson believe it is all worth it.

     “If she does win, I know she will make a positive impact and do what she needs to do to help,” Hodgson said.

      In the end, they know their parents have their best interests at heart. 

     “He gets to do what he loves,” Martha said.

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