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September 27th, 2019

Students strive for state success

SUN. | 04-24-22 | NEWS

     Murray Hughes and Rose junior Anna Rushing were recently accepted into the North Carolina Governor’s School. Only nine students in Pitt County were accepted. Governor's School is a four-week residential summer program for academically and musically gifted students. 

     “[Governor's School] is a program created by the North Carolina Department of Instruction for students all across the state… to come together and learn about a discipline that they are interested in,” Hughes said. “Some people go to Governor's School for social science, some people go to Governor's School for mathematics, or some people like me go for the arts.”

     Hughes is going to Governor's School in Winston-Salem for instrumental music while Rushing will

gov school

Photo by Mary Elizabeth Hutchinson

be going to Governor's School in Raleigh for choral music. Besides music classes, they will also be participating in leadership and philosophy classes. Governor’s School allows students to focus on a discipline of their interest while also giving them the opportunity to be involved in other classes and opportunities. 

     “It's not like [the students] just sit around discussing the periodic table of elements all day,” School Counselor Alayna Maness said. “They're making new friends and meeting people who carry themselves at a high level, have high expectations for themselves and are pushing themselves.”

      Maness is the Governor's School coordinator for Rose. She serves as a liaison to bridge the gap between the school and the county. Maness helps students by ensuring that they are aware of the opportunity and guiding them through the process. 

     “I try to facilitate information, because not everyone has heard about Governor's School,” Maness said.

     There used to be meetings and in-person information sessions for Governor's School, but because of the recent switch to Zooms, things have gone in a virtual direction. Maness helps students by sending in their applications and making sure they stay informed. 

     Governor’s School looks for academically strong students who have a talent or interest in a particular field.  First, students submit essays, recommendations and possible auditions, depending on the field. Then the county reviews each applicant and nominates the ones they deem the best fit. These students’ applications are then sent to Governor's School to be reviewed. 

     “All the writing I've done, all the AP classes and of course all the music I've played in orchestra  has helped me [in this process],” Hughes said.

     Governor's School gives students the chance to be in fellowship with peers of similar interests while further learning about their discipline. It serves as a bridge between high school and college by giving students an opportunity to experience classes and dorm life. 

     “If you think what you're going to do at Governor's School is something you are going to do in the future, it allows you to network with other people who potentially might be going into the same field as you,” Hughes said. 

     Governor's School is a time commitment of four weeks but can be a good fit for students looking to expand their horizons, grow in an area of interest and get a sample of college life.

     “At the end of the day, you're giving up a big chunk of your summer to stay academically involved, and you're not just swimming or babysitting but diving into your academics throughout the summer,” Maness said. “Governor's School is a prestigious opportunity and it's very competitive, so it's certainly something for students to take pride in.”

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