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September 27th, 2019

Students move up in History Day competition

TUES. | 04-26-22 | NEWS

     Each year, students at Rose participate in National History Day. This year because of COVID-19, History Day events have been held virtually. 

     “[History Day] celebrate[s] history, and gives students the opportunity to create a project that they have complete autonomy over within certain themes,” Rho Kappa advisor and history teacher Stephanie Noles said. 

     Rho Kappa Honor Society members and Advanced Placement(AP) U.S. History students are required to participate in History Day. Rose had the school competition in February, and the Northeast regional competition is in March. Students had the option to submit their projects to the regional competition for judging and potentially have the opportunity to continue on to states and even nationals. The state competition is held in April and the national competition is held in June. Winners at the national level are awarded


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different scholarships, including full-ride and partial scholarships. 

     “At least a third of our students move on to regionals and then to states,” Noles said. 

     Noles has been the History Day advisor at Rose for 13 years. Rose has participated in National History Day for longer than those 13 years Noles has been here, and typically has the most students compete at the high school division each year. 

     “In Pitt County, we [had] the largest number of students compete with the exception of this year,” said Noles.

     Since the pandemic began, History Day competitions have been done virtually which has impacted Rose students, as they tend to succeed more with in-person competitions than through virtual recordings. Rose had several students move on to the state competition, such as Sophomores, Jordan Klugh, Edie Yount, Sarah Ingalls, Anna McLean Evans, and Olivia West. Juniors, Riley Harris, Reagan Carson and Jackson Schreiber and Senior Blythe Bacon.

     “Up until last year, we have had students go to nationals every year,” Noles said.

     The last year that Rose was able to do in-person events and succeed at the national level was 2018. Now because of the pandemic, participants are required to do either virtual slideshows or video recordings of their performances.  

     “[It’s] a unique project that gives you [the opportunity] to work on something that you have the potential to really enjoy, work on a medium that you chose, [and] work with whomever you want,” Noles said. 

     Even though there has not been confirmation of in-person competitions for the next year, Rose students will continue to compete in History Day, which gives students the opportunity to learn more about certain historical events that they may not learn about in school. 

     Even though History Day is a social studies-based competition, students are able to improve many skills such as writing, working under a deadline and being able to manage something extra that is not included in their classwork. When Rose students compete in history day they have the opportunity to learn new skills that have the possibility to help them throughout their high school years. 

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