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September 27th, 2019

Students’ entrepreneurial endeavors

SUN. | 11-20-22 | NEWS

     Connor Honeycutt, a senior at Rose, and Vinny Mills, a former Rose student, founded a local car-wash and detailing company, VC WashBros, in March.

     “Connor and I both needed to make money for the summer and we didn’t want to work for an actual company,” Mills said. 

     The concept of VC Washbros began when Honeycutt asked Mills if he could borrow his power washer last summer.

     Both Honeycutt and Mills have been able to support themselves through car washing, without working for an organization. But now that school has resumed, they find it challenging to devote the majority of their time to the business while also juggling a heavy workload.

     “During the summer time, it would be approximately four to six hours a day, six days a week,” Honeycutt said. “Now that school has started, around two hours a day.” 

     Honeycutt and Mills are still able to handle it despite having to spend less time on their business to concentrate on their education. Mills recently transferred to a different school across town to play football, which has significantly increased the amount of time he must spend on athletics.


VC WashBros Picture.HEIC

Photo by Mary Perry Eveleth 

     “It is very hard to manage time while being a student and also playing a full time sport,” Mills said. 

     The goal of Honeycutt and Mills is for VC WashBros to change from being a drive-up car wash to a service that visits customers' homes. They anticipate that after the school year is over, this additional service will begin.

     “[Our goal is] to grow and scale more into the mobile detailing side. Delivering our services to people's homes,” Honeycutt said.

     While Honeycutt and Mills agree that it has been difficult for the company to break into a competitive industry, they are confident that by being consistent, they will maintain their growth.

     To promote their message, the boys have also concentrated on using social media. They mainly use Instagram to inform customers about new offers and washing bundles. Their website,, serves as the focus for their business, and has also been advertised via social media. Honeycutt enjoys washing cars, so he doesn't mind having to promote his business on social media.

     “When you do something that you enjoy doing, it’s not that hard to stay committed,” Honeycutt said.

     Honeycutt and Mills plan to continue to expand their business in and around Greenville because they are passionate about the growth of the community. They have put emphasis on the Rose community by offering a discount to all Rose students who make purchases from their company.

     “It is something I love to do, I love seeing a clean car,” Honeycutt said.

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