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September 27th, 2019

Rose student saves gym member’s life

WED. | 10-21-20 | NEWS

SAT. | 10-10-20 | NEWS

     Senior Noah Dembo entered Fit for Life on Evans Street on Monday, Oct. 12 with the intent to perform his usual nightly workout routine, unaware that he would walk out of the gym a hero. Dembo was in the midst of his workout near 10 p.m. when he first noticed a frequent gym goer lying face down and motionless toward the middle of the gym floor.

     “He was in a push-up position, [so] I thought he was about to do some push-ups, but I saw that his glasses were broken and his face was bleeding a little bit,” Dembo said.

     Now concerned, Dembo approached the man, only to discover the worst.

     “He wasn’t breathing, so I checked his pulse and he had no pulse; or I thought he was dead,” Dembo said. “I called this guy over and we turned him over and then I called the police.”

     Taking quick action to address the dire situation, Dembo began to perform CPR.

      “It’s pretty hard to do CPR so I was sweating a lot,” Dembo said. “I was probably doing CPR for ten minutes, and then this other guy took over for a couple minutes before the police got there.”

   Dembo's mother has heart disease and as a result he has become CPR-certified several times in the past few years. Although he had only ever performed CPR on the training mannequins, he felt that he was fully aware of the gravity and intensity of the situation.

     “I was in shock - I’ve never seen someone have a heart attack, but when we got his pulse going again, I could sort of take a deep breath,” Dembo said. “Before that I was just freaking out; I was just thinking that if he dies, it would indirectly be my fault.”

     However, this did not deter Dembo from addressing this life-or-death situation in an efficient manner, and he is grateful and surprised at his response.

     “I’m proud of myself I guess because I wouldn’t have thought that I would have done something about that, but in the situation I 

did,” Dembo said.

     Dembo later learned that the individual was a 39-year-old male, who had entered into a state of cardiac arrest. However, Dembo is not fearful of these high-intensity predicaments. He has sworn in


Image contributed by Noah Dembo


Image taken by Murphy Fisher

 to the Marines and will attend boot camp next summer to officially enlist as a Marine.

     “I’ve heard a lot about leadership traits from my recruiters...and they talk a lot about taking action and things like that,” Dembo said. “I guess this helped me to see I could actually take action.”

     Thankfully, the victim is safe and is recovering in the hospital, due to Dembo’s quick thinking. All those present at the gym, including the gym owner and the police officers, were impressed by Dembo's quick action and wanted to make sure he was recognized as a hero. 


Graphic by Murphy Fisher

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