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State Fair supplies tradition


     The fair is a staple part of American culture in the South. When I think of fried food, rigged games, cotton candy and wild rides I always think of the North Carolina State Fair. My family has had a tradition of going to the fair every year for almost my entire life. Me, my 3 older siblings, my parents and one of our good family friends always go and have a great time. 

     The State Fair just feels so classic to North Carolina life. It is always an adventure going to the random vendors and stands and finding all of the free stuff I can get my hands on. Stuff that I will never put to use, yet still find the need to have. Everywhere you look at the fair, there are random booths and tents advertising companies of all shapes and sizes, most of them offering free pens, stickers, buttons and anything

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else you could imagine. 

     The fair is simply such a unique experience that is unlike anything else. The people there are always interesting to watch, including the carnies running the games, with their snarky comments and their aggressive mannerisms. I have never been one to spend my own money to play any of the multitude of scam-likely games at the fair, but I am always intrigued by them and have the internal desire to win a giant stuffed animal, banana or alien, even though I know it will probably never happen. The games and wild prizes at the fair are always intriguing because they draw many people in to spend all their money.

     One factor that can cause controversy is the local County Fair versus the State Fair. While the State Fair does have a higher budget and more capabilities, the County Fair provides a more homely and local atmosphere. The County Fair features small businesses and local music. The State Fair, however, has a much wider variety of rides and attractions, along with a larger fairground and large buildings. I grew up going to the County Fair and then, a few years ago, my family and I started going to the State Fair, so I have experience with both sides of the spectrum. I think, after all my fair experiences, I would have to choose the State Fair over the County Fair because, although the small-town feel of the County Fair is very fun and comfortable, the increased range of activities at the State Fair put it over the top.

     The fair is such an important part of my childhood and has always provided lots of fun and family bonding. It has so much to offer, with games, fried food and free stuff. I would highly recommend the state fair becoming a part of more people’s lives and traditions. I believe that the fair, particularly the State Fair, can be an amazing experience for all ages and is a perfect way to bring a family or a group of friends together.

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