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Squid Game takes the world by surprise


     Squid Game created by Hwang Dong-hyuk is unique to anything I have ever seen before. It revolves around a group of people who are in large amounts of debt, not only with the bank but also loan sharks and many of their own family members; they are desperate and would do almost anything to get this money paid off and live a normal life. When given the opportunity to come “play games” for the possibility of winning prize money that will last them a lifetime, they chose to go despite not knowing what potential consequences this could have.

     Once the participants agreed to play the games they were taken in a van where they were put to sleep via sleeping gas. After arriving in an unfamiliar area, they were greeted with harsh voices and a large crowd of people.

     The participants were told that they were to play the games and if they get out/mess up, they will be “eliminated.” If they made it through the game then they were one step closer to winning the prize money. Soon after the games began, they were made aware that being “eliminated” means that they will be killed.

     Beginning with 456 participants, more than half were executed in the first game by a doll hosting a game of “red light, green light” If the player made any movement during the “red light” stage, and was detected by the doll, then they were immediately shot down. Initially many of the players were treating it as a joke. However, soon after others were killed, they started taking it much more seriously.

     After the first game, many of the players were frightened for their life, they didn’t know which was more valuable, the potential of getting the money, or their own life. This led to a vote. If the majority of the players wanted to go home and forfeit the game then they would return back to where they were. If the majority wanted to continue the game then they would continue. The votes were split, it all came down to the decision of Oh Il-nam, the old man. His decision sets the basis for the remainder of the show.

Squid Game- Edie.png

Graphic by Edie Yount

     Squid Game does a great job of tying in many relatable issues along with the unrealistic setting that the majority of the show is set in. Throughout the show, we also see more of the emotional aspect. Feeling sympathetic for the characters and what they're going though, we feel a connection to them.  

     While watching the show, it was very fun to guess what was going to happen next, what the characters were thinking and what decision they would make. This show had many unexpected plot twists that kept the viewers attention.

     I highly recommend Squid Game to anyone who thinks that they can handle a slightly gruesome yet emotionally attaching show.

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