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Spanish program has a ball with World Cup

MON| 12-12-22 | SPORTS

     The International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) World Cup, commonly referred to as the World Cup, is an international soccer tournament where the top players in the world represent their countries, competing for one common goal. To raise the championship trophy for their country at the end of the tournament. Our teachers and students are all excited, but there are two in particular who have a deeper connection with the sport. 

     Christina Borisoff, a Spanish teacher here at Rose, is nothing short of passionate about the World Cup, especially this year. 

     “I am from Spain and as any of you know, in Spain, soccer is life,” Borisoff said. “I have been watching the World Cup for as long as I have been alive.”

     This year's World Cup is different because it is being held in Qatar, a wealthy country in the middle east. Although the World Cup is often played in the summer, it is currently being played this late fall. This excites Borisoff because she gets the chance to bring it into her classroom. 


Photo by Sarah Ingalls 

     “We're doing a whole project and a whole unit around it right now and normally when it happens in the summer I don't get to share that,” Borisoff said. “It's been really fun getting to explain it and share my passion for it with my students, that didn't know hardly anything about it before we started the unit.” 

     Being a Spain native that grew up with the nationwide passion for soccer, Borisoff enjoys getting to rekindle that passion here in the U.S. years later.

     “That sense of pride in your nation competing and seeing everybody so excited for their own country and the chance to perform on that world stage is awesome,” Borisoff said. “Especially having been in the U.S. for so long, having soccer in the spotlight for a few minutes is exciting because it kind of takes me back to being young.” 

     Borisoff is not the only native around Rose, Alejo Almeyra, a senior at Rose is originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Almeyra plays soccer, so the World Cup is more than just a fun, exciting competition for him to watch; he learns a lot from the players and teams. 

     “You see a lot of players in the World Cup doing things that are top level so you want to copy what they are doing,” Almeyra said. 

     Almeyra is a huge supporter of both his country and Argentina's team. And just like Borisoff, despite living in the United States, he continues to be a strong fan. He is particularly enjoying this year since, in his opinion, the competition will be of a higher level than in previous years.

     “I think this World Cup is going to be one of the best in history because players are way, way better than they used to be in World Cups before,” Almeyra said.

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