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Softball season hits off to a great start

TUES. | 05-03-22 | SPORTS

     Throughout the past couple of seasons, the Rose softball team has been struggling to find success, but some things have changed. This season, the softball team has improved and so far, the team has won more games than they expected. They have improved their record from 4-10 last season to 4-3 this season. 

     Some things that have changed to make this team more successful are their teamwork and their passion for the game as held by senior softball players Mikiyah Corey and Zayn Sneed. 

     “We are more dynamic and we are really more passionate about [the game],” Corey said. “We just have fun.”

     The team's defense has improved this season. Their pitching and outfield have also been a big part of this success. 

     “The pitching is really good and our


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outfield, we struggle at times, but overall defense is really good,” Sneed said. 

     Last season was a unique season for the team because of COVID; therefore, they were not as eager about the game. This season, the team is more focused and has worked hard to improve on their weaknesses from last season. 

      “Last year we were not as focused because there was a lot going on coming back from COVID, but this year we have had more time to practice and get used to doing the same things [in practice],” Sneed said. “[We have gotten] better at it and we are just way more focused.”

     Monday through Friday, whenever the team is not playing a game, they are practicing. In practice, they focus on all parts of the game. 

      “Practices are usually pretty fun,” Sneed said. “[We] do drills, infield, outfield and hit.”

      Improvement has come from the increase in focus and applying skills practiced in a game. Last season the team had the physical abilities but were not using them.

     “Last year we knew what to do; we just weren't applying it on the field,” Sneed said. “[In] practice we would be doing everything right, but when we were on the field…. we wouldn't apply it because we were so in our heads, but this year we're working on getting better mentally.” 

     The key component of success for the team this year is to be more attentive. The physical ability and the mindfulness this season has made them better together. 

     “We all have the physical ability to catch the ball, field the ball and hit the ball, but when we [are] focused, we actually start doing good with no errors,” Sneed said. “We play better even if we do make one or two errors; we always try to talk each other up and just remember, hey, next play.” 

      This team is one that gets along well with each other and enjoys playing the game that they all love together. They all have a special connection, which allows them to work better as a team during a game. 

      “We all get along great, nobody has a problem with each other, and nothing is ever bad,” Sneed said. “We are basically all sisters; all we do all day is joke, laugh and play.”

     The girls are hopeful and excited to be having success after last season. 

     “It feels good [to be doing well], because the last couple of years [have] been rough,” Corey said. 

     Returning to a regular season, the players feel they are fully able to showcase their skills.

     “It feels as if you're actually doing something, like showing people [what you can do] because everybody has been saying we all have the ability to be the best and better than what we are, and I definitely see that I feel that on the field whenever I make a play, or catch a ball, or watch my teammates do something,” Sneed said. 

      Sneed and Corey will be graduating this year and are both going to miss their teammates and how much fun Rose softball is. 

      “The girls, 9th graders, 10th graders and 11th graders, all of them just make it so much better to play because you know you don't want to play with somebody that you don't like,” Sneed said. ”I get along with every one of them [and] it's not weird or awkward.”

      Sneed, Corey and the rest of the team hope to continue their success by improving on their weaknesses and perfecting their strong suits. 

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