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Smith welcomes new family addition

FRI. |2-23-23| FEATURES

     The weeks leading up to exams can be a very stressful time for students and teachers. Teachers are trying to review everything they’ve taught to ensure that their students are more than prepared. Math teacher Natasha Smith knows this feeling all too well as she found out she was pregnant for the first time in 18 years right before exams last school year.

     This pregnancy was a complete shock to Smith.

     “I was thinking there’s no way that this is possible,” Smith said. “My baby was just getting ready to graduate high


Photo contributed by Nicole Leary 

school and I was like ‘I’m pregnant’.”

     Smith was very hesitant to tell anyone the big news, afraid she might not carry to term. She was 12 ½ weeks pregnant when she first told someone.

     “Honestly I didn’t think that I could carry a child and I…miscarried twice in the last 10 years because of medicine that I take,” Smith said. “Until I knew for sure that I could carry this child, I didn’t tell anyone.”

     Smith’s other children are adults themselves, so they were in disbelief when they found out there would be a new addition to the family.

     “They were like ‘Mom why would you do that,” they said it like I intentionally did it, and I did not,” Smith said.  “The reality didn’t set in for them until the last month or two that I was pregnant, and then they got excited.”

     This pregnancy was considerably more tiring than Smith’s other pregnancies, but that did not stop her from preparing her students for her absence the best she could.

     “I told them that…they’ll never have another crazy math teacher like me so they’re going to have to make some adjustments,” Smith said. “Always ask questions, ask for help if you need help and just do your part and you’ll be okay.”

     Smith gave birth to her baby boy on Jan. 25, who she named Jonathan Isaiah Jackson.

     “It's a brand new adventure for me, I know I have four other children, but I haven’t had a child in 18 years,” Smith said. “Just holding him is great, he’s precious.”

     Smith adores baby Jonathan, but the lack of sleep that comes with a baby has been the most stressful for her.

     “When he feeds in the middle of the night, he's going to sit up for the two hours, so it's like from 3 [a.m.] to 5 [a.m.] he's just gonna sit there and look at me,” Smith said. “I’ll feed him and he just looks at me, I change him and he just sits there and looks at me.”

     Smith already thought she was young at only 42, so she believes that baby Jonathan will most definitely keep her youthful for many years to come.

     “We’re starting all over; ball games, sports, school and little girls when we get there,” Smith said. “I think he’s going to keep mama on her toes, he’s already very active and alert.”

     Smith’s math classes are currently being covered by two substitute teachers and she is scheduled to return from maternity leave on April 11. Although she is enjoying her maternity leave with her brand new bundle of joy, she worries about her students.

     “I’m really concerned about my children being successful in the classroom,” Smith said. “I have a love for my children, I want to make sure they’re doing well and understanding the material.”

     Although this has been a surprising adjustment for Smith, she thanks math teacher Nicole Leary, Coach Matthews and her children for being the best support system and she is ready to take on this new adventure.

     “For nine months, I was in disbelief, he's here and I’m like ‘I really have a baby’ and I’m excited for the future,” Smith said.

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