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Kardashian Swishes madness marketing deal

     The social media and reality TV world has revolved around the Kardashian family for what seems like forever. However, in the past few years, this family has veered away from their unity and focused on their personal strengths by promoting their own businesses. 

     To be most specific, Kim Kardashian, daughter of Kris Jenner and Robert Kardashian, has made her mark in the business world for years. For starters, she opened “DASH”, a clothing store with her sisters in 2006, her makeup brand “KKW” in 2017 and her clothing line “Skims” in 2018. 

      Kim's brands have had their fair share of popularity, but “Skims” has taken its branding to a whole new level. “Skims” is a shapewear and clothing brand for men and women that Kim founded shortly after her makeup brand. We all know that Kim is a super promotor with an enormous platform on social media and connections to market her brand in the most clever ways. 


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     The market move that shook social media most recently, was her partnership with the NBA as their official underwear brand this past year. Following this partnership, Kim has stuck with sports through a Holiday Campaign starring Patrick Mahomes, quarterback of the Kansas City Chiefs, and his family. 

     Still on the sports train, Kim made the ultimate market campaign for March Madness titled “March All-Stars”, dropping March 18 with some of the most popular players in the NCAA. This campaign had six all-star players including Caleb Love in Arizona, Donovan Clingan in Uconn, Hunter Dickinson in Kansas, Jared McCain in Duke, Robert Dillingham in Kentucky and Paxton Wojcik in North Carolina. 

      The launch included all players dressed in loungewear promoting her brand in a 20-second video clip with various shots of them playing and modeling the clothes. As for the clothes themselves, they are all men's apparel and loungewear. 

      The shots and photos were fantastic and gained more attention entirely because Kim got these players to model instead of just regular models showing off sportswear. This makes the video and clothing seem more appealing to a variety of audiences seeing this campaign because it is not just an average athleticwear photo shoot, it is relevant players showing off the clothing. 

      As a huge NCAA basketball fan, I am all for this campaign and give Kim props for this smart move as a businesswoman. March Madness has everyone looking towards their screens whether that be a basketball game or a social media post, so it is safe to say that she was right on the money for this market strategy because it got tons of media attention. 

       What I am most stunned by was the fact that she got these players to come together. Obviously, this was filmed before March Madness but I can't imagine that it was too far from their season. Her ability to get six of the most famous players together for this is huge and probably took some convincing.

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