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Psychological mystery thrills writer in Netflix debut


       The movie Shutter Island was released on Feb. 19, 2010, however, it has just recently made its debut onto the streaming platform, Netflix. While casually looking over Netflix to find something to watch, I stumbled upon the category “New Arrivals,” where I found Shutter Island. I looked at the cover of the movie, but really challenged myself not to read what it was about. I wanted it to maintain a mystery throughout because I had already heard about this movie being a psychological thriller. After watching Shutter Island, I was shocked to say the least. This movie had so many surprises, and right when you thought you had it figured out, there is a huge plot twist to blow you away. 

       The movie begins with a man getting seasick on a boat who we soon find out is U.S. Marshal, Teddy Daniels. He is called upon to investigate an apparent escape by a convict of the Ashecliffe Hospital, which is an insane asylum. The convict, who is said to have escaped was Rachel Solando. She was at Ashecliffe because she drowned her three children and lacks any memory of ever doing it. She doesn’t even know she is in a mental institution and views all the orderlies and other patients as normal community members.

Teddy is joined on the ferry by a new partner, Chuck, which is taking them to Ashecliffe . Personally, this is when I first started having my suspicions about whether or not this partner could be trusted. I mean Teddy has just met this guy and is already divulging his thoughts and opinions on what 


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 could have happened at Ashecliffe. 

       At this point, Teddy doesn’t see this story adding up because Ashecliffe is pretty much inescapable. Teddy and Chuck are introduced to the hospital administrator for the first time, Dr. Cawley, who immediately creeped me out. Dr. Cawley kept trying to keep Teddy and Chuck away from something sketchy going on in the institution, possibly with the treatment of patients. This moment made me realize something fishy was going on with Dr. Cawley. Teddy and Chuck are forced to stay at Ashecliffe because they want to stay closer to the case. There also happens to be a tropical storm surrounding the institutions resulting in no ferries available to take them home. As Teddy and Chuck begin to grow closer and trust each other more, Teddy reveals his true intentions for accepting the invitation to investigate Ashecliffe: his dead wife. Teddy’s wife, Dolores, died in a fire set by an arsonist named Andrew Laeddis; Teddy has a hunch that Laeddis is a patient in Ward C of the hospital. Ward C is a special wing at the Ashecliffe institution, home to some of the most violent and insane patients in the country. While investigating, Teddy and Chuck search Ward C for evidence. While looking around Ward C for something that could help them with the missing convict, Teddy begins talking to one of the inmates. The patient begins to explain that Ashecliffe is doing lobotomies and such in the lighthouse. This is turning point in the movie which leads to Teddy having suspicions about the hospitals morals. 

        Throughout his stay at Ashecliffe, Teddy is having terrible nightmares and migraines that seem very unusual. It begins to look as though everyone in the institution is plotting against him, even his partner Chuck. Paranoia and doubt settles in Teddy’s mind as he tries to figure out what happened to Rachel Solando and even worse, what kind of unethical treatments are being done in the lighthouse of Ashecliffe. 

        The psychological thriller keeps you guessing as to what Teddy will find out and more importantly, what is going to happen to him. With Ashcliffe beginning an impenetrable fortress on a windy island it seems impossible for Teddy to get away. I highly recommend watching Shutter Island if you're in the mood to have your mind blown.

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