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September 27th, 2019

SGA recognises Rose staffs' efforts

FRI. | 03-12-21 | NEWS

SAT. | 10-10-20 | NEWS

     Student Government Association (SGA) is usually in charge of various social events and service projects intended to serve the Rose community. This year, however, they have had to adapt to the new circumstances due to the pandemic, but despite the many canceled events, have still been able to impact the lives of those in the Rose community, particularly teachers and EC students. 

     “It has been more difficult to find opportunities for members to get involved in the community, which has led to a greater focus on doing what we can around Rose instead,” junior and SGA Junior Class Vice President Eleanor Blount said. 

     While opportunities for some events, like Senior Convocation, seem as if they have passed, SGA advisor Luisa Haynes has not

Photos taken by Cynthia Williams and contributed by Luisa Haynes

lost hope.

     “We’ve got two speakers both of which said they will come … so I’ve got two lined up in case we get the go ahead and one can’t clear their schedule, because they’re both very busy,” Haynes said. “As soon as they give us the go ahead we’re good, we could put it together in a week.” 

     Recently, early efforts were being made to consider the possibility of prom and a survey was sent out to gauge students’ reactions. Soon afterward, however, it was decided that a prom would not be possible under the current circumstances.

     Last year, graduation was held in two parts on the Rose football field and Haynes still has high hopes for holding an in-person graduation and even possibly an awards ceremony. The exact date has yet to be chosen but will be between fourth and ninth of June.  

     “We got a notice from central office that said that … they’re planning to do graduations at the very least like it was one last year, but they have not ruled out Minges yet,” Haynes said.”

     Apart from senior events, SGA focuses energies on school spirit events, like hall decorating and spirit week and this year has been no different, though staff have become the main focus.

     “We had a couple of baskets that we were working on for Relay [for Life] before this hit last year … so the intent was, we were going to do one drawing for a basket, maybe do one every month or so,” Haynes said.  

     It turned out though that the club was able to gather enough donations to make two smaller baskets each week and so far, 25 baskets have been given out. Items for the baskets are often donated by Rose families and everyone pitches in to make each them. 

     “Anybody that’s at school has come in and basically we have everything we have gotten donated in the back and … we kinda build this theme,” Haynes said. “We did a salsa night basket, complete with … everything you needed to make tacos and a gift card to go to Harris Teeter and get the meat and the cheese.”

     Many staff members have faced tragedy this past year and the baskets are an effort to keep morale up.

     “It’s been such a positive,” Haynes said. “It doesn’t matter who won when you tell them ... everybody is excited.”

     Everyone who is on the payroll, with the exception of Haynes, is automatically entered into the drawing for a basket and two people are chosen each week on Wednesdays. 

     In addition to baskets, goodie bags have also been given out to students in the special education classes at Rose. Many are learning from home this year and have compromised immune systems, so in-person interaction has not been an option leading usual activities to be canceled.

     “The last thing you want to do is try to do something nice and hurt someone, so we … did goodie bags and they actually got delivered to their home,” Haynes said. 

     Plans are already being made to give out Easter themed goodies baskets and with the help of Hayne’s neighbor, each student will be receiving a hand-sewn mask. 

     “She had made 30 masks with little bunnies on it and she’s going to make us more so we can make sure every goodie bag at Easter has an Easter mask,” Haynes.

     SGA hosting events to celebrate the holidays with EC students is not new, but the goodie bags provide a COVID-19 safe way to go about the celebration and stay connected with the students. 

     “With Rose becoming a Unified Champion National Banner School last year, our EC program only continued to grow, which is hard to look at from the perspective of what we are able to do now,” Blount said. “The EC students typically get to do activities with SGA each month, as well as compete in the county’s Special Olympics, [but] all of the Special Olympics events were cancelled.” 

     In addition to the cancelation of the Special Olympics, the Unified Champion program Partner Powerup has also been affected. 

     “Partner Powerup is a 10 week exercise program that included students with and without disabilities, and is a way to connect and build relationships through icebreakers and physical activities,” Blount said. “We have worked out the logistics but are trying to find the best way to get the EC kids involved since we cannot start this program in the building with them.” 

     Despite these setbacks, members are still trying to push forward and find new solutions.

     “Rose has always been willing to go above and beyond and I’ve always said that,” Haynes said. 

     In the future, SGA hopes to return to some of their past activities and continue their involvement at Rose. For now, Haynes’ hopes will remain high. 

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