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Bright senior spotlight

WED. |5-22-24| FEATURES

      284 days, two semesters, one school year. This is the amount of time senior sports co-editor Seth Bright has spent enrolled in journalism; but the memories, relationships and impact will last for years to come. 

     Bright has always been interested in writing and journalism, so he signed up his senior year in hopes of ending high school in a fun way. 

     “I have always wanted to take [journalism], but after I took an AP Seminar with Mrs. Hutchinson, I wanted to make sure I was still getting better at writing and still staying sharp, so I decided to take it,” Bright said. “I also wanted to have fun my senior year.”


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     Since joining Rampant Lines, Bright has worked up to become a co-editor of the sports section, where he is responsible for designing page 12 of the newspaper.

     “I took it both semesters to get better writing but also edit the page which I thought was pretty cool,” Bright said.

     Bright has served on the broadcast team as well as photos and graphics. Each of these experiences has helped Bright learn something new, which has become his favorite part of journalism.

     Aside from learning technical skills by making the page and working on the photo and graphics team, Bright has learned the value of collaboration and working with a team.  

     “Anything you’re collaborating on is going to help you when working with a team and making sure you get your point across to help one another out with articles, the paper, and everything else we do,” Bright said.

     Bright has also formed many strong relationships through Rampant Lines. After having the flu, Bright returned to class to find out his assignment had been changed and he was writing about Marvin Jarman's absence, rather than the preseason lacrosse tournament. This article was different from Bright's previous assignments. Bright was used to writing sports stories occasionally focusing on one person, but with this article, he felt more pressure to tell someone else's story and create emotion in his writing. Bright turned to editor-in-chief Anna McLean Evans for help. 

     “Through her guidance, I learned how to paint a story of how [Marvin's absence] was really affecting [the basketball team], and she really helped me in writing that article and reorganizing it,” Bright said.

      Bright is also thankful for English teacher Ashley Hutchinson, who has pushed him to challenge himself and take risks. Hutchinson has awarded him leadership roles in AP Seminar and journalism, providing him opportunities to grow as a person and student. 

      “Hutch has put me in scenarios where I had to step up and do more than I thought I would and improve my work ethic to get the job done,” Bright said.

     Not only has Bright built relationships with other journalism students, but also with the whole school through interviews and attending sporting events. 

     “[Journalism] helped me meet new people that I thought I may never have a conversation with, just speaking to them and letting them tell their story,” Bright said. 

     The Marvin article and others have helped Bright value the process of journalistic writing and how it is unique and varies from other writing styles. 

     “Sometimes it is really different in approach,” Bright said. “I could have chosen to spend my fourth periods free and have them off so as not to have to come back to school after first and second period, but I wanted to stay in class and strengthen my writing.” 

     Bright will be attending North Carolina State University next fall with a business administration major. Looking back on his involvement at Rose and Rampant Lines, Bright is excited for this next chapter and to grow on his foundation. 

      “With journalism, you learn how to branch out and build connections,” Bright said. “You're learning what the world has to offer … and determine what you may want to do in the future.”

      Bright is excited about the next chapter, and although high school is ending, the memories he has made as a Rampant are ones he will forever value. 

      “I have enjoyed high school; I think it is something that you should make the most of, or at least try to,” Bright said. “Don't waste it.”

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