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Senioritis strikes upcoming graduates

WED. |5-10-23| FEATURES

     Senioritis is a term you hear throughout all of high school, but you do not truly understand until it hits you. Seniors Bryson Wall, Katie Wilson and Colin Everette all believe they have been hit by senioritis, and are feeling the effects as graduation approaches.

     As defined by the Oxford Language Dictionary, senioritis is a supposed affliction of students in their final year of high school or college, characterized by a decline in motivation or performance.

     “Ever since college applications have been 


Photo by Cecelia Batton

done and nobody has had to add more stuff, then everybody’s just kind of laid off and had a super easy schedule nowadays,” Wall said.

     Wall will be attending North Carolina State University (NCSU) in the fall and majoring in engineering. Wall says that once he submitted his last application it was much harder to get motivated in school.

     “I want to keep all of my grades good because I don’t want any of them to fall to B’s or below, so I try to keep A’s by doing the bare minimum,” Wall said. “Last year my grades were worse because I had a lot [of] harder classes but grades have been better this year as my classes are so much easier.”

     Wilson will also be attending NCSU in the fall as a psychology major and feels that ever since she has decided on college, it has been harder to focus on high school work.

     “I think it’s just being ready to go, so my motivation has completely fallen off,” Wilson said.

     Wilson believes one of the most significant changes due to her senioritis has been procrastination.

     "[A change has been] probably waiting until the last minute to do a lot of things,” Wilson said. [I would procrastinate in the past] a little bit, but not as bad as this year.”

     Similar to Wall and Wilson, Everette struggles to find motivation in the classroom as well, and he thinks it may stem from being off campus so much.

     “I only go to school for one period every day and it is fourth period, so it is hard to want to come for just an hour and a half each day, " Everette said.

     Everette, Wilson and Wall have minimal class schedules, with Everette having just English IV at Rose and public speaking online through Pitt Community College (PCC), Wilson having math 4 honors and AP Art History, and Wall having English IV honors and computer science II honors at Rose as well as statistics at PCC.

     “Last semester I had chemistry at Pitt, public speaking at Pitt, sociology at Pitt and AP computer science at Rose,” Wall said.

     Wall says that the classes taken senior year are much easier as they are not classes you are worried about colleges seeing. Taking courses at PCC is also very common amongst upperclassmen and they are known for giving students much more free reign in terms of workload.

     “I like being able to have my own schedule, and that usually means I don’t have a ton to do because I can get all my work done for the week at one time,” Everette said.

     Everette is moving on to East Carolina University in the fall as a business major, and he is not worried about the shift in workload once he arrives at college.

     I’ll have more stuff to do so it’ll mean that I’ll have to do it, like going to class and getting work done,” Everette said. “Not much stresses me out so I am not super worried about it.”

     Both seniors feel their friends have issues with senioritis as well that causes it to be much worse for each student.

     “Senioritis has definitely hit those around me, my friends not being motivated either has affected me the most,” Everette said.

     Everette says he had seen senioritis before in his older brother and his friends, but now that he actually has it he realizes it is different than what he thought it would be like.

     ”I don’t have senioritis because I want to, it’s because I don’t have anything to do,” Everette said.

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