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Senior provides parting advice for class registration

FRI. | 03-04-22 | OPINION

     With registration opening up for the next school year, I thought it would be a good idea to give some of my personal tips. As a senior, I’ve taken a lot of classes at Rose, so I know a few things about the classes offered.

     When signing up for classes, I would make looking at what credits you have and what you need to graduate your number one priority. When you are signing up for classes, it is important to keep in mind which ones are required for you. Those should always come first in deciding your schedule. If you aren’t sure what credits you still need, your counselor is a great resource. They know which classes you need to graduate and which ones you have already taken. Your teacher will also most likely recommend you for the next core classes you need to take. If you're in doubt, follow those.

     The second most important thing is looking at all the other classes offered and finding what you are interested in. Whether it be art, carpentry or sociology, there’s always something that could actually be pretty fun to take. If you aren’t sure whether a class would be right for you, you can always put it as an alternate choice. Extracurricular classes are a good way to fill out your schedule and give you a nice break in the day. You don't want to sign up for a ton of difficult classes that you dread going to each day. 


Image courtesy of Pitt County Schools

     I would recommend taking classes like Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. These classes not only give you skills that can be used in everyday life, but also give you the chance to become certified in those specific programs, making you much more appealing in a job application process. Similarly, classes like carpentry and welding can prepare you for work in certain fields.

     If you’re looking into the Advanced Placement (AP) route, I would say AP Psychology and AP Human Geography are pretty good starters. There are plenty of interesting APs to take from AP Biology and AP Earth Science if you’re interested in science to AP Music Theory if you’re interested in learning more about music. I would also heavily recommend AP Seminar, AP US Government and AP Comparative Government for rising juniors. For rising seniors, I recommend AP Research and AP Literature and Composition.

     Lastly, some extracurricular classes I recommend are creative writing, journalism, contemporary law and justice and debate. All of these classes not only teach you useful skills, but have fun projects and assignments throughout them. Creative writing not only teaches better writing skills, but also gives you a place to write freely about almost anything. Debate can teach you how to form well-thought out opinions and how to get those across in an effective way. 

     Overall, these recommendations are based on my personal experiences. I can’t say what is best for you, but hopefully this helped a little bit. No matter what you end up signing up for, I hope you end up with a schedule you like and have a good year.

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