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Senate race reaches finish

WED. | 11-10-21 | OPINION

     The AP Government class taught by social studies teacher Liza Knight does a mock Senate race every year, and this year is no different. With Rose being back in school like normal, the Senate race has been able to return in full swing, and this year’s candidates are not holding back. 

     Brena Gauland and Will Sutton were this year's Senate candidates. Gauland supports the Pen party and Sutton supports the Wing party. These two have been campaigning as hard as they can this entire semester and the whole thing has been very interesting to watch.

    In my opinion, this Senate race is awesome. It’s so fun to see all the different ways the candidates get support as well as the way they battle each other. It has all the competition and interest of a normal political election but without the hatred between sides. The whole race is done in good spirits and Gauland mentioned that she and Sutton have decided to not let it affect their friendship no matter who wins. There have been funny political signs, debates and campaign events that are keeping everyone involved and entertained.

     I think it is such a cool idea to do this Senate election and to make it as big of a deal as it’s become. It would be very easy to just keep it as an in-class debate without involvement of the whole school but they choose to go all out and work so hard to make the election feel as real as possible. I appreciate all the effort that the candidates put in, traveling to places to get sponsorships and hosting events.

     The Senate candidates recently had their debate during Refresh in the Lecture Hall. This debate is one of the biggest parts of the Senate campaign as it is the final big event before the election. There were many Rose students present, and volunteer students helped run some parts of it.

     Both the Senate candidates have been very present on social

Jake senate graphic.png

Graphic by Jake Bradsher

media for their campaigns. They have accounts on multiple platforms like Instagram, Tiktok and Facebook. They have been posting campaign posters, sponsorships and other pieces of media in an attempt to earn more student and teachers’ votes. It is interesting to see how social media has developed that this is such an essential part of the campaign where a lot more people can have access to what each candidate is running on. Having this social media presence makes it a lot easier to keep track of each candidates’ achievements and goals.

     The election commenced on Tuesday, Nov. 2 and it has been confirmed that Sutton won the 2021 Senate election. After such an intense race from both of the candidates, the decision has finally been made. It had been expected by many that Sutton would win because of his charisma and impressive ability to turn any statement against his opponent, but Gauland put up quite a fight.

     The AP Government Senate race has been the talk of the school since it started this year. Gauland and Sutton have been catching everyone’s attention with their campaigns and, as this year’s race has come to an end, we are excited to see what happens next year.

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