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Schmidt takes victory over former school

TUE.| 3-28-23 | SPORTS


     On March 10, Rose women’s lacrosse faced off against an unfamiliar foe but were face-to-face with an old friend. In the summer of 2022, senior Riley

Schmidt was forced to make the move from Greenville to Raleigh. 

     “I kind of had hope that I would be able to finish high school in Greenville because I knew everybody and it was a more comfortable environment,” Schmidt said.

     While in Greenville, Schmidt played for Pitt County Youth Lacrosse and Rose.

     One of Schmidts former Pitt Lax and Rose teammate Ginny Blount enjoyed the time she had on the

field with Schmidt on and off the field.

     “I loved playing defense with her and she was just overall a great teammate and we had a great

friendship on and off the field because we reffed together and we played lacrosse together,” Blount said.      “She was great to be around as a friend or

on a sport steam.”


Photo by Elliott Flinchbaugh 

      Despite leaving years of lacrosse behind in Greenville, Schmidt would quickly warm up to her new teams in Raleigh.

     “Everyone’s been super welcoming, and some of the girls on the Broughton

team I played travel with, so it’s been nice to reconnect.” Schmidt said.

      Schmidt would not only become accustomed to her new friends, but to

the more vigorous playing style.

     “In Greenville, it was a little less intense,” Schmidt said. “Here in Raleigh there’s so many more teams so many more girls who want to play lacrosse.”

     On the day of the game, Schmidt would be able to reunite with her old


     “It was nice to see everyone, and even when we were on the field we were able to chit-chat and talk about their seasons going so far,” Schmidt said. 

     The girls were able to catch up and see one other’s growth in the sport the both love.

     “I loved getting to see Riley again on the field and also off the field after the game,” Blount said. “I haven’t seen her since before she moved and the game was just a great way to see how good she’s still doing in lacrosse.”

     Schmidt helped in leading her team to a 17-4 Broughton victory by keeping Rose at bay while playing defense. The loss brought Rose to a 2-2 record on the season.

     Despite this, the game gave them a great chance to reconnect with their old friend. “Even though it was a bigger school with amazing players, it was still a great learning experience but overall we were just happy to see Riley and play against her and her teammates,” Blount said.

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