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Sauls spreads love and kindness

SUN. | 10-30-22 | FEATURES

     High school can be hard for many people, as students may feel alone and have trouble finding their group of people within the school community. As a school, Rose tries its hardest to make sure everyone feels included, loved and appreciated. Senior Amelia Sauls, has exhibited these qualities of kindness and has shared love throughout her four years at Rose.

     “I put in the time to think of other people's feelings and what they want and I try to see those people that are overlooked especially in the school society,” Sauls said.


Photo by Ives Howard

     "Some people may feel like an outcast, and I just want to make sure they feel welcome and cared for.” 

     Sauls has lived in Greenville her whole life and is an only child. Her favorite thing to do is to write, and she also loves to read poetry. She is very quiet, but has a nice personality that makes sure everyone feels included. 

     “She is a really good listener,” Rose senior Helen Wilford said. “I can have honest conversations with her.”

     Sauls likes how Rose is a place where everyone can find a community. Sauls tries to be kind to everyone in the school and enjoys her company of friends.

     “My favorite thing about the people at Rose is that there is so much inclusion, and though so many people may feel out of place, we still have communities for people,” Sauls said. “No one is left out of place too much to where they can't have a friend group.”

      Sauls described English teacher Alessandra Nysether-Santos as having a big impact on the way she thinks about being nice. She explained that Mrs. Santos is a very charismatic teacher that always cares for her kids. Sauls learned from her example of the way she was kind to every one of her students. 

     “I hope people can learn [from me] to just be kind to others by watching what they say and try to treat people the way they want to be treated,” Sauls said. “Also not hurting other people's feelings or just saying stuff that they don't think will hurt, but it does.” 

     Sauls has had a big impact on Rose, she focuses on making sure no one's feelings are hurt and making sure that the people around her are not overlooked. 

     “I was happy that my small little impacts of being nice made such a big impact on them,” Sauls said. 

     As a senior at Rose, Sauls has plans of going to the University of North Carolina at Greensboro or Spelman University to major in film studies. Sauls plans to continue to make a difference through her small acts of kindness in the future.

      “I want to make people feel more included and more loved, especially in the society we have now, where a lot of things are kind of shaky for everyone,” Sauls said. “[I] want to be an example, show people [that] they are loved.”

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