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September 27th, 2019

English teacher Alessandra Nysether-Santos wins BTOY award

THURS. | 10-29-20 | NEWS

SAT. | 10-10-20 | NEWS

     English teacher Alessandra Nysether-Santos won the Pitt County Beginning Teacher award. Every year the county picks a teacher to hold this award and Nysether-Santos was honored to be the chosen one.

     “This year has been tough! So it does make the award all the more special,” Nysether-Santos said. 

     Nysether-Santos was first nominated to be a Key Beginning Teacher (Key BT) which from there made her considerable for the BTOY. To be eligible for the BTOY the teachers had to be in their second to fourth year of teaching full time. In order to get the BTOY she went through a written application, video application and an interview with the whole panel of education professionals that represented the district.

     After Nysether-Santos was selected, the panel came to Rose to announce her victory and deliver her prizes from the local sponsors. The sponsors consisted of Robinson and Associates, Mark III Benefits, Lifetouch Studio, Texas Roadhouse, Barnes and Nobles, Sheetz, Fresh Market, Cafe Madeline, Good Stuff Juices, Parrott Canvas and Taff Office Supplies. When Nysether-Santos received her award it also came with a plaque along with gift baskets and praise.

     “It is very exciting to have won the award,” Nysether-Santos said. “Growing and learning are very important to me, so having this opportunity to celebrate the growth and progress I've made in this first year or so of teaching has been rewarding in and of itself.”Nysether-Santos started off


with an internship at DH Conley and teaching part time as a substitute teacher at Rose before deciding to teach English 1 and 2 full time. Now she is well into her second year of teaching full time.

     Although Nysether-Santos is grateful for her Pitt County Schools BTOY she does not want to just stop there. She is continuing to go through the process to become State and Regional BTOY. She is appreciative of all the positive energy many people have sent her way and hope it continues. 

     “I am so grateful for the JHR community and my wonderful students and colleagues,” Nysether-Santos said.

     Within her first year of teaching full time COVID-19 was at its peak. Her first year was definitely more difficult than she expected. Based not only on how she taught her students but also how she persevered in the pandemic. 

     Nysether-Santos is not only honored to have the Key BT and BTOY but she also takes pride in herself and her progress. She takes pride in her work and it has paid off. She hopes it continues to pay off as she aims for the State and Regional BTOY.

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