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RV wins 1000th

SAT.| 5-6-23 | SPORTS

Sports Staff Writer Drew Fields

     Ronald Vincent known as coach RV, a legend throughout Greenville has just made a huge  accomplishment for Rose, Recording his 1000th win as head coach for the varsity baseball team

     RV graduated from Rose in the class of 1965 and began his coaching career in 1973 as a football and baseball coach. He later decided to focus his coaching on baseball and has been the head coach for 50 years now.

     As a first year head coach in 1973 Rose baseball Vincent never would have thought he would reach the accomplishment of winning 1000 games. He came into his first season with no goals to reach but to just take it one game and one season at a time.

    “I had no thought of being in it long enough to have 1000 wins,” Vincent said. “ I just tried to get through each year, and fortunately we have had a lot of success.”

     Vincent has coached many successful baseball players and led Rose to multiple state championships, and a great amount of winning seasons. 

     The lucky team to experience Vincent’s 1000th win is a very special team. He has coached most of these kids since they were freshman as they are now juniors and seniors. 


Graphic by Gabi Castillo

     “We have really strong pitching and defense, and we can hit throughout the whole line up.” Vincent said. “This group of guys really want to play and work hard.”

     In Vincent’s time at Rose, he has led them to seven state championships including a state championship win with the 2021 team. 

     Throughout the 2023 season Vincent and his team have played with a record of 18-3. The team and coaching staff hope to reach another year of a long playoff run.

     The amount of hard work and practice this team has put in to get where they are and help Vincent reach this goal has set them up for a good chance at the state championship. The accomplishment of Vincent’s 1000th win hopefully will give the team an extra boost of confidence to pull them through the state playoffs.

     “Our guys are really looking forward to getting into the playoffs.” Vincent said. “We don’t know what seed we will be but if we play the way we play we got a chance and the guys know that.” 

     With everyone on the edge of their seats to see how this Rose baseball team will finish off this record breaking season, Vincent and his team are ready to take on what’s next and in the years to come.

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