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September 27th, 2019

Rose's new rotating librarians alternate shifts

WED. | 03-30-22 | NEWS

     Following the retirement of former librarian Amanda McDaniel, Rose joined the group of Pitt County Schools (PCS) that function with rotating librarians. Kelly Friday and Sharon Crockett are alternating coming to Rose to fill the librarian absence. 

     “[Crockett] will be coming out the weeks that I am not here to do whatever we need… to get the space ready for whoever comes out here next year and doing whatever librarian tasks they need us to do,” Friday said. “There are many open librarian jobs in the county, but for Rose, if we can make it work until the end of the year, they will not hire a new librarian until next school year.”

     When McDaniel retired, Rose was added to the list of the schools with no librarian, and was immediately given the solution to have librarians from other schools come in on a temporary basis. Some schools have not had a librarian since the beginning of the school year, so the county has dealt with this situation and already knew what solution was the best fit for Rose. Like the many other types of job openings in PCS, the school is waiting to hire a permanent librarian until the next school year.

     “[The rotation of librarians] was what we had to do to help each other because we have six elementary librarians missing in media centers,” Crockett said. “A sub is not going to swing it in a media center.”

     When Friday was given Rose as the school she would


Photo by Emma Hastings

temporarily work at, she was given the chance to come back and do her old job. Friday was the Rose librarian for eight years and left in 2012. She now works at South Central High School. She started as a librarian when she was looking for teaching jobs out of college, and The Oakwood School told her that they had no teaching openings, but they did need a librarian. She went back to East Carolina University to get her master’s, and the next year she started as a librarian. 

     “My favorite part of being a librarian is that I get to know the whole community, and will pretty much get to meet or help everybody from administration to students to teachers,” Friday said. 

     Crockett has been the media coordinator at Eastern Elementary School for the past 20 years. She was given a schedule by her department head, and is coming out to Rose every other Thursday to get the library prepared for next school year. During her first year as a librarian, she was an internem at WH Robertson. She was subsequently hired at Eastern and has been there ever since. Her favorite part of being a librarian is helping students realize that they love to read.

     “My Eastern kids come [to Rose], and my own kids came here, so I have a special place in my heart for Rose,” Crockett said. “I still come to graduation every year.”

     Friday and Crockett both aim to get the library prepared for the new librarian next year. They hope students will come to the library in hopes of learning to love reading.

     “I love change and I have always loved libraries and reading, so being in a library feels like home,” Crockett said. “I love having that homey feeling where people can just come and get their stuff.”

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