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September 27th, 2019

Rose students G.I.V. back to peers

SUN. | 12-18-22 | NEWS

      A new club at Rose was started on Friday, Oct.14 the club getting involved by volunteering  (G.I.V.) became an official club. G.I.V. was founded by Rose seniors Kinsley Tate White and Nia Vines, who had two similar but separate ideas on how to start the club .

     “My original idea was to have a club or honors society that’ll award people based off of volunteer hours,” White said.

     While Vines and White had similar ideas for the G.I.V club, Vine's idea was based on the community  .

     “Over the summer, I was thinking of a club of how to get people involved pretty much in the community,” Vines said.

     Vines and White did not  know each other before starting the club , and were put together by  Co advisor and Rose social studies teacher Elizabeth Knight because they had similar ideas.

     G.I.V. is a club for getting involved and promoting volunteer work/ serving others.involving Rose students in the presidential volunteer service hour award.


Photo by Mary Elizabeth Hutchinson

     “The presidential volunteer service award are a national collection and awarding of service hours based on how many certified community hours are collected and verified and turned in a year,” White said. 

     There are also levels to the presidential service award, such as bronze, silver and gold which are determined based on how many volunteer hours you get, gold being considered the best for the most hours.

     “It's an award on a national level; there are a couple of different levels and it depends on your age,” White said. “Up until 14, you only have to get 250 hours”.

     The main belief of G.I.V is to promote honors at Rose through individual effort rather than monetary contributions. 

     “There are several clubs or even honor societies at Rose that you earn credits through buying stuff, even though that has a great impact, it’s not fair for those who cannot afford it,” White said.

     G.I.V. was finalized through vice principal Cornelius Battle. The process for promoting G.I.V took place during club rush.

     “At club rush, we announced our presence to everyone, we had everything set up, we were just exposing everyone to G.I.V.,” White said.  

     The process for starting G.I.V. was based on strategizing a plan for assigning tasks.

     “We had to get to know each other, see what each other's ideas were and put them together and how G.I.V. was going to work,” White said.

     There are meetings every other week on Friday during refresh C and monthly meetings on the first Tuesday of every month  in Mrs. Knight's room during c block of refresh. The monthly meetings are hosted by White who is the President of G.I.V while the weekly meetings are hosted by Vine, who is the  vice president.

     “The monthly meetings we are regrouping and discussing our volunteer projects that members can contribute to,” White said. 

     The monthly meetings and weekly meetings discuss two different things depending on who hosts it.

     “I discuss opportunities in the community, members also have a chance to take their own initiative during this meeting and come up with their own ideas as to how to help in the community,”Vines said.

     G.I.V has an upcoming event that was an extension of something they’ve done before, called service cards G.I.V. makes sentimental cards for first responders to show their appreciation. 

     “Making those holiday cards, devoting your time and effort in these cards in hopes of brightening  someone's day when they see it,” White said.

     G.I.V is a club for anyone to join. There are no fees or qualifications; students are encouraged to come and get involved in their community. 

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