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September 27th, 2019

Rose prepares to showcase their arts

TUES. | 03-01-22 | NEWS

     J.H Rose’s art department is preparing for their art showcase during Curriculum Night on Thursday, Feb. 22. This year’s Curriculum Night will hold a showcase to display the art department’s work, and gives future students and parents a chance to see what Rose’s art department is all about.

     “I think it's a good way, especially for 8th graders to come and just hear a little bit of what we’ve got going on,” Rose band teacher Matt Howard said. “It is an opportunity for us to show everybody what it is that we do here at Rose in all of our arts departments.” 

     Due to COVID regulations impacting the usual format of the

Arts Showcase.jpeg

night, visitors will be able to sit in the Performing Arts Center (PAC) and enjoy a concert instead of walking around and viewing presentations.

     “In the past, it has been kind of a floating in and out thing, and so this will be the first year that we actually had a come in and sit down type of performance,” Chorus teacher Stephanie Peo said.

     The showcase will be approximately 30 minutes long. The jazz band will be split into two groups and each will perform a song or two followed by the theatre members performing a song from their upcoming musical Addams Family. Chorus will perform a song and then the orchestra will break into a small chamber group and play in the student commons.

     Howard and the band have been practicing for Curriculum Night since January. He believes his band is constantly working on something so his team is always ready. 

     “We know when to start,” Howard said. “Usually in January if we have something coming up in February, we're going to start getting ready for it.” 

     During the planning for Curriculum Night, Rose’s art department had discussed starting an independent concert presenting every group, but were indecisive due to attendance concerns.

     “We thought about doing our own thing,” Howard said. “We were concerned the turnout might be a problem, so we kind of rolled it into Curriculum Night.”

     Even with the various changes and regulations, the art department believes their students enjoy the showcase and that it is very important to the school.

     “I feel like it's a really important presentation because it shows unity in the arts department as a whole,” Peo said. “It's important [for] people who do not normally attend our concerts because they're not currently enrolled here, for example, or they're in a different program.”

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