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September 27th, 2019

Rose gets in the holiday spirit with a little competition

MON. | 1-9-23 | NEWS

     Rose held a door decorating contest sponsored by Student Government Association (SGA). The doors were judged on Monday, Dec. 19 during Refresh and the winning class was announced on Tuesday, Dec. 20 during the morning announcements.

     The winning class received treats on Wednesday, Dec. 21 before the break.

     Luisa Haynes, SGA advisor, talked about how door decorating is an amazing way to celebrate the holidays. Her door was decorated to look like Christmas light bulbs.

     I told them "ok guys lets do something quick and fun" and we did," Haynes said. "It probably took us 10 to 15 minutes."

     Haynes also mentioned how door decorating has been around for decades.

     English teacher Julie Berry, who had a Grinch themed door with social studies teacher Curren Patton, said that they both wanted to collaborate on their doors.

     “I connected with Mr. Patton and [we did] a big landscape picture from the grinch, and [We incorporated] different holiday backgrounds,'' Berry said.

461B1C0A-DF49-4726-97E9-5DDDAACA4CFD_1_105_c (1).jpeg

Photo by Rachel Nelson

     Berry described the thought process that her class went through when deciding how to decorate the door.

     “We do have a product that does represent all the students that we teach,” Berry said.

Senior Anna Rushing, a student in Berry’s AP Research class, helped to decorate the door with her classmates.

     “We kind of did a grinch theme and kind of set it up like it was one of whos’ houses, “ Rushing said. “So we had a fireplace with stockings and made a tree and took pictures with all our classes to put on the mantle.”

     Before decorating, the class had to come to a conclusion on what they wanted to include.

     “We discussed what we would include in the decorating, so we decided on the chimney and we knew we wanted to have our pictures up there,” Rushing said.

      Haynes believes door decorating is a nice way to celebrate the holidays at Rose as we leave for the break.

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