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September 27th, 2019

Rose counselor receives certification

MON. | 1-9-23 | NEWS

     Rose guidance counselor Alayna Maness decided to get her board certification for this school year. 

     After deciding to become certified and making proper arrangements, there were four different components Maness to undergo in order to become certified.

     “The first one is a test with multiple choice questions and 3 essay questions,” Maness said. “Components two through four are more what you are doing within the school, some of it is data driven, some of it is showing differentiation for the kind of counseling that you do.” 

     Maness submitted her work in May and had to wait until December to get her scores back. She heard the news that she was certified Friday Dec. 9 at midnight.

     “When I opened it and saw the fireworks,I think I sat there for like 10 minutes just looking at the fireworks and texting with whoever from work was awake,” Maness said.

     Getting certified has several advantages in North Carolina because people acknowledge the hard work that is put into achieving this title.

Colin Manness picture.HEIC

Photo by Colin Everette

     “Some of the advantages is that it is looked upon highly in North Carolina and I would say a lot of administrators, county offices acknowledge the additional certification and the work that goes into it and people do understand the effort that you put into it. From the personal side it is something that you really have to examine yourself and your work and kind of grow as a professional and look at how you want to continue growing as a professional.”

     “My biggest help came from the student services department, Mrs. Williamson is actually a national board counselor so she was my mentor, Mrs. Dudley and Mrs. Grady were also working on it and having that building support really helped,” Maness said.

     Maness said that the most difficult part of getting certified can be committing to doing it.

     “The hardest part is definitely the commitment portion,” Maness said.

     To maintain the certification, the process of being certified has to be repeated every five years. To be recertified you have to go back through the process of all four components.

     “It was an exciting process and to grow and learn and doing it with my coworkers was the best part,” Maness said

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