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September 27th, 2019

Rose cafeteria opens for students

THURS. | 03-31-22 | NEWS

     Students have been switched from eating in the classroom to the cafeteria on Tuesday, Mar. 22.

     Due to past COVID-19 restrictions, students weren’t able to choose their lunch period. Instead they had to eat lunch inside their third period classrooms. The announcement to switch locations was discussed by J.H. Rose's main office, then passed to administration to make the final decision. 

     On the first day back inside the cafeteria, students went to lunch based on their third period hall. In the following days, students were able to choose what lunch they have on FlexTime Manager, rather


than being assigned a lunch that coincides with their third period.

     “It's the Tuesday we come back from spring break and you would eat during that time based on the hallway like it you normally have,” Rose Refresh coordinator Amity Kea said. “Then the following day on the 23rd, which is Wednesday, students will have registered for Refresh and they will be able to select their lunch whether they would like to eat in A, B or C lunch.”

     New rules and formats were added to the cafeteria, such as lunch lanyards that were given to students and two lunch lines instead of one. 

     “The lanyards are for the new screen system that we have so that the students can scan the cards and go; [that way] the students will have time to enjoy their lunch,” Cafeteria Manager Falesha Holmes said. “We will have two lines operating for right now; the format might be a bit different so that we can provide proper service for our students.”

     To maintain a safe and orderly environment, administrators have enforced new protocols, like requiring students to stay seated if not in line. Kea says students will have to stay in their seats when they are not getting lunch.

     Cafeteria staff have also been following the North Carolina Strong Schools Public School Health Toolkit to help protect against COVID-19 by adding another lunch line to reduce close contact.

     Despite all the new changes, Rose has a positive outlook for the future of lunch back inside the cafeteria. Holmes, along with the rest of the students, teachers and staff, were overjoyed and ready for this change. Kea feels that the cafeteria opening up is a great way for students to spend their time and sit with friends. 

     “I'm sure we're going to have some ‘bugs’ to work out, essentially, but I trust our administration,” Kea said. “Our cafeteria staff are wonderful so I'm sure they are prepared, and whatever happens, we will have a plan for it.”

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